Tuesday, July 3, 2007

I'm Back ... But Only On Occasion

Hi Everyone, sorry I've been away for a while but the forces of evil at work have installed the firewall from hell and Blogger is not one of the approved sites. Since I spend anywhere from 12 to 16 hours a day at work, I like to spend time with my family when I get home (translation ... the wife wants me to spend time with her when I'm at home). I have to be careful so that she doesn't sell my computer at a yard sale like she did a couple of years ago.

Enough of this ... now for my usual rant:

Terrorist attacks were foiled in London this weekend, and one was bungled in Scotland. This was a chilling welcome to the new Prime Minister (2nd day on the job), but it seems he has passed the initial test in the global war on terror. 10 suspects have been rounded up and it seems the British Intelligence services are doing splendidly. In a new twist, 3 of the suspects are medical doctors.

The problem now is, with such a great number of people in the medical profession being from Islamic countries (both in the US and UK), will we be able to trust these doctors with our health and the health of our families?

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MONA said...


Boy I am so glad to see you :) :) :)

Oh no no.. you MUST spend time with family. It is very important!

Ah yes! this is so sad.I wonder where this is going.It would have been another thing if it were the illeterate who were doing this, But educated ppl...I wonder where the world is going to!

& its ironic that it is ppl from such a profession where the whole & sole purpose is to save life, not destroy it!

I wonder which books they have read...

Akelamalu said...

The word here is that because of the shortages in medical personnel we are recruiting too many 'foreign' doctors and nurses and in the current climate that could be a BIG mistake.

Glad you're back, you have an award at my place see this post


In_spired said...

Trust? absolutely NOT...in my infantile, politically uneducated way of thinking!
For those interested, I find this website quite informative

(in my house, it's the reverse...husband selling wife's computer! But look forward to your posts...however often)

lime said...

well, thanks for the explanation. hope work settles down some. those are some hellacious hours.

it is more than a bit unnerving that such well educated people could be so inclined to terrorism....very disturbing.

Anonymous said...

Paul, welcome back and Happy 4th of July. In ref to the IFWs, one thing about all those doctos. The number TWO al Qaeda [Ayman Muhammad Rabaie al-Zawahiri] is a qualified surgeon and is also a good recruiter [other IFW doctors are trying to follow his lead]. Be careful out there.

v/r tlrb

Mike M said...

Dude, I am so sad. I hate IT folks blocking sites!!

I nominated you for an award. When you have time, come pick it up at my blog.

Glad you are back, even if it's on occasion.

David said...

Good to see you are alive!

It really is horrible about those attacks. Luckily the doctors were only able to hurt themselves. It sure isn't going to increase trust between the good people on either side any time soon.

Oh, and so much for the hippocratic oath!

Terri@SteelMagnolia said...

YAY! You're back! My husband is the same way when he is home...
he does NOT appreciate it when I'm on the computer....

Oh my gosh, it's scary these days ...
I don't trust much anymore.

We all keep thinking that one of these days Vegas will be hit ...
(we are shocked it hasn't happened yet, in fact)
and with Mike being a first responder ... I worry.
My dad is VP of a mortuary here and he's a first responder as well.

Shibari said...

I have missed you... Great post!

Jenny! said...

Welcome back...I have missed you!

That's why you get second opinions!

Blancodeviosa said...

I understand. The only time I really get to do this is at work, and I am actually really busy. But I sneak in a cheesy post every now and then. :)

snowelf said...

Most acceptable reason for not blogging ever!!

Of course, we'll be here whenever you get a hankering to post for us. ;)

I can't be prejudice against people...I just can't. I have that want to believe that all people are good...

That being said, I rarely totally trust people in general until I know them well. And that's for all people. I don't discriminate. ;)


evalinn said...

Nice to have u back, I was getting worried :-)

Paul Champagne said...

mona ... glad to be back. The Hippocratic oath that all doctors take states "first do no harm". I wonder what loose interpretation of that oath allows them to set off car bombs?

akelamalu ... the problem with the shortages seems to be in our own citizenry. Our young people don't seem to want to invest the years of study that becoming a doctor entails. We may also need to re-think how we are nurturing our students in the lower grades to instill a love of math and science that would form the basis for a career in the health field.

inspired ... it's terrible when your computer gets sold. My wife sold mine for $50.00 (ouch)

lime ... it never settles down at work ... these are the hours I've been working for the last 10 years ... you get used to it. Yes, it is very disturbing ... what's next, a hand grenade in our morning newspaper? I hear they are recruiting the paperboys.

tlrb ... don't worry, I'm always checking my six and varying my routine. I got used to anti-terror tactics when I was stationed in Berlin in the 80's. The Army was a bit paranoid at that time ... I guess when they blew up LaBelles Disco, it proved them right.

mike ... thanks for the award, It will be more than on occasion, the Boss gave me access this morning. He saw I was moody and wants me happy for some strange reason.

david ... speaking of hippocratic oath, there are actually two of them. The ancient one, and the modern one. You should check out the way it has changed. For instance in the original one, it actually states, "nor will I give a woman a pessary to procure abortion." No wonder they had to modernize it.

terri ... I'm completely surprized that "Sin City" hasn't been hit ... then I start thinking about the strip bars that the 9-11 hijackers would frequent and figure they want to save Vegas for when they take over the world.

shibari & Jenny ... thanks, I missed you gals too.

blanco ... it doesn't take much time to blog, I usually slip it in between multi-tasking.

snow ... thank you for accepting my excuse. The problem with trusting people till they prove you wrong is that in this day and age, it could be fatal.

worry not evalinn, "I have returned".

-eve- said...

Welcome back! I DO see your reasons, now that you mention the yard sale... lol!

Hmmm... I read about the doctor thing, but never saw it in that light. The first thought that came to mind is that I guess UK is dealing with the problem by setting up new laws (like the one where doctors from non-EU countries can't apply to do their specialist training in UK). US is still open, so yes, you might have something to worry about...;-)

Hmmm... as for what akelamalu says; my country is producing lots of doctors, yet we're still recruiting, too. Among the reasons is probably the one where 'a prophet is never accepted in his own hometown' - a foreigner is always interesting... ;-)

Paul Champagne said...

eve ... your country is indeed producing lots of physicians. In Asia, the medical profession is much more revered than in the West. Here everyone wants to be a Wall Street Tycoon or entrepeneur. Everyone is in search or the quick buck.