Tuesday, February 12, 2008


All of a sudden I am hearing about the role of the "Super Delegates" in the Democratic Nominating Convention. Are these delegates faster than a speeding bullet? Can they bend steel in their bare hands? Do they have mental powers beyond our feeble brains? What makes them so super?
Well folks, they are super because they can vote for any candidate that they want. They are the wild-card in this whole process. Your State can vote 90% for Obama, and your "super" delegate can vote for Clinton. Yes, they can be a powerful force at the convention, disregarding the will of the American people and voting for anyone they want. But who are these powerful individuals ... what are their secret identities?
This army or "Super" delegates (numbering about 842) is comprised of 450 elected members of the Democratic National Committee (DNC), Democratic Governors, Democratic Senators and House members, distinguished party leaders like current and former Presidents, Vice-Presidents, and former leaders of the House and Senate), and those chosen by the DNC to get the number up to 842. With the exception of Super Bill Clinton, these delegates are un-pledged and free to vote for whomever they wish. With 2052 delegates needed to win the nomination, these Supermen (and women) represent over 41% of the delegates needed to ensure victory.
You may be saying to yourselves, "This doesn't seem too democratic", and you would be right. But, the party of change has a very good reason for this ... usurping of the democratic rights of their voters. They believe that the voters are stupid and that the political hacks of the DNC know what is best for the voters. After the 1972 primary put George McGovern at the top of the Democratic ticket, the party decided to institute "super delegates" to prevent it from every happening again. Those of you who are too young to remember, McGovern lost to Richard Nixon 520 - 17 in the biggest electoral college landslide till that time. These "super-delegates" were set up as a safety-valve in case the voters ever tried to elect another candidate that was undesireable to the Democratic Party!
I don't know about you, but I would be a little pissed off if a candidate were to be annointed the nominee by these "Super" people, because they felt I was too dumb to make the correct choice. This party of "change" ... needs to change their process.

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Debbie said...

Nice to see you back, no posting since the 29th of January.

No the super delegates deciding an American election doesn't seem very democratic. How can we criticize some other new democracies, when we have some serious questions about our own this year.

Debbie Hamilton
Right Truth

WomanHonorThyself said...

WB bro!..They believe that the voters are stupid and that the political hacks of the DNC know what is best for the voters. ..party of change my tuchus!

Paul Champagne said...

debbie ... nice to be back and good point about criticizing other democracies.

angel ... and a very nice tuchus it is.

TRUTH-PAIN said...

Its funny you write about superdelegates because i just ranted about that myself. In summary, the Dems were pissed in 2000 about Gore getting the majority of the popular vote and "all the votes should count" ... .yet technically, Barrack can nail every remaining state, win the primaries outright, and the stupid-delegates can put Hillary over the hump. Forget the votes, forget the people, forget the majority....
Talk about selective hipocrisy

buffalodickdy said...

The Electoral College is a great idea one day, and other days- not so good... It has always bothered me my personal vote doesn't count for President.

Tapline said...

I knew there was a reason by I wasn't a Democrat,but.....Why am I a Republican?????? still wondering????

In_spired said...

The mathematics of politics has bypassed me...but FS hasn't. I love the music...

Terry said...

I couldn't agree more! When I first heard about super delegates a couple of months ago I couldn't believe it. So, the elite of the Democratic Party, the ones already in power, get all these extra votes. How do they get away with that? They are taking power from the people! Our Founding Fathers are rolling in their graves. What about "WE THE PEOPLE?" The government elite are not supposed to pick the president!

Anonymous said...

Super Delegates

Here is a good cartoon for you [link attached].



In_spired said...

I was expecting a post concerning Fidel and Raoul!

Anonymous said...

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Unable to open this blog using the Internet Explorer, could be all the active links on the front page.


Paul Champagne said...

truth-pain ... Since the spotlight has been shone on these "super-delegates", I seriously doubt that they will steal the election for either of the candidates. Now if this had flown under the radar ... the Clinton political machine may have been able to pull it off.

buffalo ... you and me both brother

tap ... come over to the independent "dark-side". That way you can complain about both parties.

inspired ... Sinatra is ageless. When one of his songs come on, my grand-kids sing along ... and yes, they know all of the words.

terry ... If I were a democrat, I would feel totally disenfrachised and insulted.

cfs ... great cartoon, and most days, I can't open my own blog. I have tried to modify the links ... I think it's a vast left-wing conspiracy.

inspired ... why would I waste my time with the Cuban change of leadership? Nothing has really changed. Raul said that all major decisions will still be run past Fidel for his approval. The "Old Guard" is still firmly in control (with the emphasis on OLD ). The 81 year old Fidel passes power down to his 76 year old brother Raul, and Raul names another 76 year old as his successor.

A Little Revolution said...

I have been telling my students to watch this closely. It'll be interesting to see which way the SuperDelegates go.