Tuesday, March 18, 2008

The Chickens Have Come Home To Roost

Barrack Obama's racist pastor has said many hateful things during the 20 years that the senator has attended services, but the one that is pertinent is the chicken one.
The Reverend Jeremiah Wright, shortly after September 11th gave a sermon in which he stated, "America's chickens have come home to roost". Seems that the reverend thinks that since the United States has been a firm defender of Israel, the terrorist attack on the World Trade Center and Pentagon were justified.
Seems that the chickens are currently roosting above Obama's head. In a speech this morning, Obama criticized his pastor's comments ... but praised the man. Barrack ... you can't have it both ways! Either you are going to play to the radicals or emphasize the unity that you have been espousing for the past 3 years. If you try to tip-toe your way between the two, you will fail.
I think we are about to see the floor come out from under the Obama campaign. Already, the polls in Pennsylvania are starting to show that white voters are leaving the Obama camp ... can reasonable black voters be far behind?
Obama, who was the wunderkind a month ago, and seemed destined for greatness ... now seems just another politician, caught up in the same usual political games as everyone else. His mealy-mouthed answers to tough questions by reporter Major Garrett last Friday brought back memories of Bill "Slick Willie" Clinton. Obama hemmed and hawed and tried not to offend anyone ... and ended up offending everyone.
When history is written, will it be said that the Reverend Jeremiah Wright postponed the election of America's first black President? And for how long?

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Mike M said...

Paul, I think you have lost you way, my friend.

Concider this. I have family member who are totally against the Iraq war and they make their opinions known whenever they get a chance.
Does this mean that because I am associated with then, that I have the same beleifs? Certianly not. And it does not mean that I will disassociate myself with them becasue their beleifs. It means I have my own opinions and they are allowed to have theirs and we will live together because we respect that each one has their own opinions and has the right to express it.
What you are displaying with these posts are the hate that he spoke of. You call him a devil, you call him a racist and you don't even have an opinion beyond hate.

I'm a McCane man myself, but I respect that Obama is out there doing what this country sourly needs. A reduction in hate.

It's no wonder why the world hates us right now.

A Little Revolution said...

I felt like he kept making excuses. Like the Ferraro allusion and saying his white grandma has said more racist things in front of him than Wright.

Another line that got to me rather negatively was about how black neighborhoods didn't have parks or cops walking the beats. Hell, then build some parks and have a freaking neighborhood watch. It seems racist to my perception to say that blacks need cops to come control them and parks to distract them. Like Obama feels that blacks have no self control!

Just two reasons why I thought his speech failed BIG TIME!

Tapline said...

Paul, You certainly have not lost your way. Anyone who would go to a church,,,a church and listen to someone speak what this man spoke and not walk out is not much in my book.....let alone 20 years worth. No spin.....

In_spired said...

I had to let you know that I agree with Tapline. Peace...

Paul Champagne said...

mike ... hate???

I actually don't hate anyone (with the exception of rapists, child molestors, and anyone that would take advantage of another). Having said that, I find it inconceivable that Obama could sit in the pews for a couple of decades and still call this loon of a pastor his spiritual leader. I do not begrudge anyone their opinions ... in fact, I welcome divergent opinions and have been known to have been swayed from my own after someone brings up something I hadn't thought of before. That is the whole purpose of debate and political discourse.

Obama speaks quite eloquently about bringing the nation together ... but actions speak louder than words, and his actions in defending Wright have spoken for him.

rev ... seems that Obama has thrown his beloved grandma under the bus on this one. And that makes him just another politician in my book.

tap ... the first thing out of Obama's mouth when all of this finally came out was that he wasn't in the pews when Wright was saying all of this. I am waiting for someone to post a video of him watching one of his sermons and clapping on you-tube. I am sure the Clinton machine is scouring the planet looking for it.

inspired ... and peace to you too.

WomanHonorThyself said...

o gosh my friend..where to start...Hussein Obama drank of this poison and sanctioned it and is buds with Sharpton..he's an anti semite at best and a closet America hater at worst!

WomanHonorThyself said...

btw..why am I not on your blogroll?..LOL

Debbie said...

I tried to leave a comment several times early this morning, but something was hinky.

No you are not crazy. This man has preached hate all his career. One news article referred to his comments as being said "years ago". Wrong, the most recent was last year.

Also Faultline USA has been following efforts by Brite Seminary in Texas who wants to HONOR the (Rev) Jeremiah Wright. You can read it at her place or mine, she's trying to spread the word. Amazing that any Christian seminary would want to honor him. (It's the Black Studies department)

Debbie Hamilton
Right Truth

Paul Champagne said...

angel ... I don't even have a blogroll!!! I suppose I should get one, and you will be the first one on it when I do.

debbie ... It is absolutely revolting what the Black Studies Department is trying to do in honoring him. Can you imagine what would happen if the black studies dept tried to honor Roy Innes or even Clarence Thomas or Thomas Sewell? The "Black Community" would be outraged. The only equivelant would be if Don Imus was elected into the Radio Hall of Fame.

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