Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Can Hillary Drink Her Way To The White House?

Whoever said that President Bush was a party animal, never hung out with Senator Clinton. Pictures found on Hillary's my space page show that she is the original "Party Girl". Whether it is shots and beer in Indiana or a bottle of Presidente beer in Puerto Rico ... This chick knows how to party down.
Can you imagine the election party if she gets elected? I hear special beer funnels have been ordered in anticipation of her election. Both the funnels and beer kegs will have the Presidential seal emblazoned boldly upon them.
But seriously, what in the world is she thinking? Does she think that by swilling beer and shots she will be able to win the vote of the typical hard-working middle class American? I actually think this is insulting to your average American. We want someone who is better than us in the White House ... I wouldn't trust the average American with their finger on the button.
Lest I forget to pile on to Obama, the presumptive nominee flew into El Paso yesterday and hopped in his motorcade for Las Cruces, NM without stopping at all. Who cares if El Paso has a population of over 600,000 and Las Cruces has a population of only 86,000. Obama and his wife don't seem to want the votes of this heavily Democratic city. Neither Michelle or Barrack have deigned to visit our fair city, but both have been to Las Cruces. Former President Clinton has been here twice, Chelsea once and Hillary kicked off her Texas campaign here. Is it any wonder that Clinton got 70% of the vote here in the primary and 90% of the caucus delegates. To add insult to injury ... Barrack decided to send a surrogate to El Paso. Now, El Paso has a population that is 76.2% Hispanic ... so who did he choose to send??? George Lopez!!! Hispanics I have asked about this were very insulted, they love George Lopez as a comedian ... but felt that maybe Bill Richardson would have been a better choice.
To take a line from CFS ... Isn't Politics Fun?

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lime said...

when billary was campaigning in PA she made a lot of stops in bars, especially in her "hometown" area of scranton. they showed her "doing shots." she'd lift the glass carefully to her lips and sip daintily.

all i can say is if knowing how to do shots qualifies one to run this nation i am better qualified than she is. i at least know how to hammer one back properly.

jackie said...

"Neither Michelle or Barrack have deigned to visit our fair city, but both have been to Las Cruces."

I just can't imagine why they haven't been to Munday!! Unless we've gotten too tough for them...which is a possibility...

Mike M said...

Hmm. Looks like he is not the the presumptive nominee anymore.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

YES WE CAN - so said Obama and he made it happen. Just dropping by to say hello and to wish you a MERRY CHRISTMAS.

cfs from the Southern Part of Southern California

TRUTH-PAIN said...

My Friend,
I thank you for the many joys I've had whenever I've visited your pages.
From my home to yours, a blessed holiday spirit and Happy New Year!