Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Don't Give A Terrorist A Fat Lip

Back in 2004, 4 Blackwater Security guards were found murdered, mutilated and charred, hanging from a bridge over the Euprhrates river in Fallujah Iraq. The murderer behind this, Ahmed Hashem Abed, has been captured by the Navy Seals. However, 3 of our heroic Seals that helped in the capture are now awaiting a court-martial. It seems that Abed told investigators that he had been punched and had the bloody lip to prove it.

So I guess we will take the word of a terrorist against our brave troops now? No wonder morale in the military keeps going down.

I would hate to see a bunch of "killed while attempting to escape" incidents happening now ... Lest we give Bin Laden a fat lip when we capture him.

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Tapline said...

Paul, This whole incident makes my blood boil....Rule of Law BS...whne it fits their agenda it is "follow the rule of law." When it doesn't well, we know what the law is but........See immigration.....and Illegal immigrants.....Where is the rule of law when it comes to them. The law doesn't exist......but when it comes to the military...Their's is a different law...It's called military justice and you better shape up or your up s..t creek without a paddle......I ramble, but you get the idea......This is nothing more than political correctness...and it shouldn't be allowed anywhere near our military. They had better start policing their own from the top down.....

Bloviating Zeppelin said...

Isn't that so incredibly sad, that we would waste valuable time talking about Special Forces personnel and a terrorist with an owie. That is so not worth ANY consideration at all. But it merely illustrates the point to which our so-called civilized society has degenerated, and how little common sense has to do with much of anything now.


highboy said...

what else is new? Its like killing an endangered animal. You have to defend yourself after you lose an arm. Not before.