Saturday, September 18, 2010

The GOP Still Doesn't Get It

Whenever I start thinking that the Republican Party is going to take advantage of the discontent the American Public is feeling with the way things are going in this country ... they revert back to form.

I am of course referring to the win by Christine O'Donnell in the GOP primary for the Delaware Senate Seat once held by Joe Biden. Tea Party backed O'Donnell defeated GOP favorite Mike Castle ... and the sour grapes started almost immediately. Establishment Republicans, led by Karl Rove, slammed the candidate for having no shot at winning in the General Election. There were rumors that the NRSC would not be helping to fund her campaign. Mike Castle has refused to back her (or even call to congratulate her).

This is all because the GOP elite felt that Castle, who is a liberal Republican had a better chance to defeat Democrat Chris Coons in the General Election of this very blue state.

What the GOP fails to realize is that the tea party movement does not care about whether a candidate has a R or a D after their name. This movement wants to elect people that will go to Washington and fight for them. The American Public is disgusted with business as usual in DC. Karl Rove is also wrong in assuming that O'Donnell can't beat Coons. Though Delaware leans left ... the people aren't stupid. None but the die-hard liberals would vote for Coons, a self-described Marxist.

For what it's worth, I would like to do something that the GOP should have done from the start and offer my congratulations to Christine O'Donnell on a well run campaign, and a well deserved victory.

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Debbie said...

That's a great sign in your image. No they don't get it, but I think they are starting to get a sample of what we want. Even some Democrats are getting it and changing their tune. The Republicans are slow learners.

Right Truth

Abazigal said...

Actually, this can work in the Democrats' favour. There's a fair chance that the more liberal Republican voters will now vote Democrat, if only to keep the wingnuts out of office.

WomanHonorThyself said...

hopefully they will wake up soon Paul!!!