Saturday, November 20, 2010

It's Time To Trim The Fat

As we prepare to carve up the turkey on Thanksgiving ... I suggest that lawmakers start thinking about ways to carve up our bloated budget. Being the ever helpful soul that I am ... I will give them some suggestions.

Let's start with TARP. It seems that most of this money has been paid back ... but as is the M.O. of the Beltway ... this repaid money has been used again. All money paid back from TARP (usually with interest) needs to be used to pay down our national debt.

The General Motors IPO. This money that is being paid back by GM (and any that comes in from Chrysler) should also go directly to paying down the debt.

The Corporation for Public Broadcasting. This is the parent company of NPR and PBS. This entity should be dissolved, saving us $422 million a year. With all the competition in media, there is no longer any need for this entity. This program was set up back when most of the country only got 3 TV channels and a couple of radio stations. Can we sell the rights to ELMO? That would take a big chunk out of our National Debt.

The National Endowment For The Arts. I can't see a better way to save $161 million a year than to bury this office ... and I can't say I'll miss the urine-soaked crucifixes and dung-encrusted sculptures of Christ that this office pays for.

Government Workers. Freeze the salaries of civilian government employees for this coming year (we can decide whether to continue the freeze next year). This will save us $5.2 billion dollars for every year that it is in effect.

Government Workers. Slash the federal civilian workforce by 10% ... saving us $26 Billion dollars a year, and by leaving out the military and arms of Homeland Security, will still keep us safe.

We need to systematically look at every single line item in the budget and cut it to the bone. Austerity measures are never popular ... Let's see if this new Congress can walk the walk ... we already know that they can bloviate ... can they execute?

Let's get some feed-back on other programs you think should be cut.

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Debbie said...

Nice image.

It drives me nuts when the politicians start talking about "using the remainder" of TARP or the bailout. Like there is a big pot of money somewhere that they can dip into. There is NO money.

Right Truth

WomanHonorThyself said...

I suggest that lawmakers start thinking about ways to carve up our bloated budget. ..amen Paul..start with Husseins vacays!!!

tapline said...

Lets do it right.....Start with the EPA..then the Dept of Education...Department of Agriculture.......and a screening of all the other departments.....I noticed that the Diplomatic corp has been increased by a huge amount....cut it.....and lastly keep our money home....what's left of it....Ike made all the military buy american...only.....Can't do that....India might not like it and China will call for repayment of all their us bonds. abolish Obamacare...OOPs Lets practice a little isolationism.......scr.w redistribution of wealth.....withdraw from the UN....well that will do for a start......stay well....