Saturday, March 12, 2011

Libyan Democracy


For those of you that thought the entire Middle-East and North African regions would convert to democracy just by a bunch of protesters going into the streets and demanding it ... our favorite despot in the region has brought us back to reality.

There was absolutely no way that Muammar al-Gaddafi was going to let a bunch of peasants dictate anything to him. Unlike Egypt, where the Army was respected ... In Libya, the Army is feared. While there were some Army defections to the rebels, the Libyan Army is solidly backing Gaddafi. While the rebels have been able to seize some tanks and weapons ... Gaddafi rules the air. He is using his air power to crush the insurgency. The Rebels have been calling for a no-fly-zone to be established over the country to give them a fighting chance, as well as to keep foreign mercenaries out. They do not want any help in the actual fight ... just some weapons and a chance to take this dictator out.

There have actually been calls in the US Congress to establish a no-fly-zone from both sides of the aisle.

But once again our Procrastinator-N-Chief is waiting. I can almost see the wait and see approach he took with Egypt's Mubarrak (even though I didn't agree with it). But Mubarrak was an ally of the US ... Gaddafi is an enemy. The President doesn't want to do anything without either the United Nations or NATO sanctioning it.

Well ... unfortunately the UN has China and Russia with VETO power. Neither of these countries want the UN to go into Libya ... they use the excuse that they shouldn't interfere with a revolution. The real reason is that Gaddafi has long been an ally to both countries. The problem with NATO seems to be mostly from Turkey and Germany. Turkey is a Muslim country and I guess they want to keep out of another Muslim country's business. Though it seems strange that they would want to allow the wholesale slaughter of fellow Muslims at the hands of Gaddafi's Air Force. Germany is an even stranger story. Angela Merkle says that she is against interfering in Libya ... But I was stationed in Berlin back in 1986 when there were actually 2 bombings perpetrated by Gaddafi-backed terrorists. The first was at a German-Arab friendship center a couple of weeks before the more famous bombing at the La Belle Disco where two American soldiers lost their lives. Why would Merkle not want to help take out this terrorist?

I have actually heard some pundits say that the Middle-East is not ready for Democracy ... who are they to dictate that some people must live under an oppressive ruler ... while they enjoy freedom?

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Debbie said...

I'm seeing on Fox that the "rebels", or the protesters against Quadedafi, are not winning, they are weakening. What a shame and what an opportunity that has been lost.

Would it have been democracy as we know it? Probably not, but it was at least an opportunity for something better than the current situation.

Right Truth

Always On Watch said...

In my view, a lot of the dilly dallying has to do with oil. Doesn't Libya supply Europe with oil and natural gas?


Gad.daffi is precisely following the Mohammadan Code - If there are no jews or christians in the area, bring your fellow muslims in line, with fear!

Allah's Apostle said: "I have become victorious with terror."
Bukhari, Vol 4, Book 52, #220


WomanHonorThyself said...

so true Paul..but the masses will puppet whatever hear on the lamestream media....Have a great Sunday my friend..:)


Paul - A democracy is defined as: rule by the people, especially by the majority.

That said, there will never be a majority rule in any muslim nation.

Egypt & Libya have both had a military i.e. "secular" dictatorship..for the last four decades, and now a theocratic dictator is quite possible in Egypt, if The Muslim Brotherhood can gain just a little more influence.

Democracy? Forget about it! - reb
___ ___

Paul Champagne said...

Deb ... It's not so much that they are fighting for democracy, they are fighting for the freedom to choose how they live. Will they screw it up? Probably ... but you can't begrudge them the choice.

AOW ... yep, Libya does supply Europe with oil. And if Gaddafi goes ... they will still supply Europe with oil. Gaddafi also supplied Europe with terrorists.

Reb ... As I said to Deb, It's about the freedom to make choices ... either bad or good. People have a certain bias when it comes to governments in the Middle East. Probably because in our life-times there has been nothing but dictators and despots there. But we forget, Beirut was once considered the "Paris of the Middle-East" and the "Cradle of Civilization" was located between the Tigres and Euphrates Rivers (In Iraq) ... The first set of Laws were the "Code Of Hammurabi" ... Basically what I am saying is that you never know what you might get, and removing Gaddafi can never be a "bad" thing.

Angel ... I have a bit more faith in the "masses" than you do. Are some Americans sheep that just follow what the talking heads on TV say? Of course ... but most Americans seem to be getting more engaged ... and that is a VERY good thing. Have a great weekend

christian soldier said...

Great insights and thank you for coming to mine-
Having com back from three weeks with the Europeans-I can say that we have not become totally sheep-like - one example- the ship demanded everyone's passport-ONLY the US citizens questioned it and had to be calmed down by the YMT tour guides...
I wanted to go into the Pcasso museum-after going though security-they still demanded all purses...I left-we have Picasso in the LA Museum...

Anonymous said...

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