Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Is This The Future Of Public Education?

This past Monday Morning, students filed into the newest public high school on Chicago's west side. The Marine Corps Academy of Math and Science opened it's doors to 130 students and expects its' enrollment to grow to 550 students. This school will combine college prep classes within the structure of a military academy.

The school was officially dedicated by Mayor Richard M Daley and other officials looking on. It will be run and taught by Marine Officers, and is partnering with Argonne National Labs. Argonne will be offering internships for the students.

The purpose of this school is to educate, not to recruit for the military, but one local anti-war activist isn't convinced. "What it does prepare them to do is be good little soldiers, which I'm afraid we've got too much of these days", said Andy Thayer. Well Andy, what I see the Chicago school system currently preparing kids to be is good little thugs and gangstas ... and I think we can all agree that we definitely have too much of that. So Mr. Thayer, please go march with Code Pink, where your views are appreciated.

Haven't we been asking businesses (like Argonne Labs) to partner with schools? Haven't we been moving more and more towards school uniforms? And we now have a school that is not draining our property tax base (the Feds pay the teachers). We shall see how this works.

And Mr. Thayer, don't put your protest signs away just yet. The Air Force plans to open one of these schools in Chicago in 2009. They won't have any trouble finding students, there are currently 15,000 applications for the limited service school slots.

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Anonymous said...

This is great

I hope to see to see this type of "military" style academy in every city in the United States. This is great. Have a fine Texas evening.


In_spired said...

Unless there is a drastic change, for the better, I can see this as being the future of public education. I write this with a "tear in my eye" for I remember the days...when life was good...in public school.

The two young grandchildren are attending a private elementary school this year in Houston. Mom and Dad are elated, and the kids are happy and learning. And, yes...mom thinks the uniforms are the greatest!

The only downside is the expense!! WOW! But right now, that issue is manageable...

WomanHonorThyself said...

now thats more like it!..UNlike the terrorist madddrassa we have here in NY!..UGH!

buffalodickdy said...

A dress code- yes. Uniforms in a public school- I can't support. If a kid, or the parent is OK with that at a private school, fine- private citizens are paying for what they want.

Paul Champagne said...

tlrb ... I think it's great too, many will disagree with us though.

inspired ... this is like a private school without the tuition. Please tell me why there's a tear in your eye.

angel ... these medrassas seem to be spreading like a cancer ... I just hope the government is monitoring them closely.

Paul Champagne said...

buffalo ... really? But the children have to apply for this school, so the parents obviously want them there. Since it is a public school, they must meet the same standards as the more traditional schools.

Seems this issue has divided my readers more than I thought.

Tapline said...

Outstanding post as ususal. I do without resivation support Military Academies. With the erosion of our present educational system, students have to learn history somewhere and I'm sure they will learn it there along with the customs of the different peoples of the world. So much has been lost in our education of todays youth...stay well.....

heidianne jackson said...

i'm for everything except the "feds pay the teachers". i hope that there are requirements for getting into/staying in the school aside from uniform - do you know?

Gayle said...

I heard about those 15,000 applications and think it's wonderful! We have so many patriots in this country, more than the moonbats probably think... and I agree with you that Andy should indeed march with Code Pink. He'd fit right in!

I also think uniforms in public schools would be a great idea. That would ease the pressure off those children who's parents can't afford name brands, which seem to be so totally important to teenagers these days, and if your children can't wear the latest fad, others make fun of them. Also, there wouldn't be any more killings over a pair of Reeboks, would there?

Gayle said...

In addition, the original idea of school was for children to get an education, it wasn't for them to put on a fashion show!

Blancodeviosa said...

my son will probably need to go to a school like this. he is such a bad boy :(

Mike M said...

Actually I am a firm believer in that EVERYONE, as a requirement of their education should spend 2 years in the military. It builds more than just a warfighter.

Jenny! said...

I think it is a much needed school for Chicago. The current state of CPS schools is absolutely fucking pathetic!

snowelf said...

I don't like the idea of uniforms in public schools. I just don't. I think there should be a dress code, but not uniforms. I have never been a fan of uniforms in any way, shape, or form. Dress codes don't bother me, but uniforms always have.

I think the style of school however, is a decent idea. Especially if there is a choice. We're heading to the Chicago area, after my graduation, so I'm really interested to see how this whole idea plays out. (Though we'll of course live in middle class suburbia where "bad things don't happen") (eye roll)

Thanks for posting this, Paul!


Aunty Belle said...

Wow...How can we git one these schools down our way??

Would be just dandy if these schools would fill up wile other"magnet" idea types went beggin'!

Thanks for posting this.

Keshi said...

uniforms r not only an item for identity but they also stand for discipline. thats what I believe.


Paul Champagne said...

tapline ... it seems as though the education system is concentrating too much on social issues and not enough on the "3 R's". History and Geography are totally out of the picture, I hope that this school goes back to teaching the fundamentals.

heidianne ... the feds pay the teachers because the teachers are Marine officers and non-coms. This is like JROTC on steroids, but I can't wait to see what the outcome will be.

Gayle ... absolutely agree that fashion has no place in a school enviornment. I don't know if the 15,000 represent those that are patriotic, or if there are that many people in Chicago disgusted with the current education system and desperate for a change. Only time will tell.

blanco ... I doubt that you raised a truely "bad" boy. He probably just lacks discipline ... the Marines running the school would probably be able to help him and others like him with that problem.

mike ... though I tend to agree with that opinion, the military isn't for everyone. This school would however help to instill the discipline and committment that the military offers its' members, without actually putting the students into a combat situation where character flaws can result in other people losing their lives.

jenny ... I haven't seen you in a while, welcome back. Chicago isn't alone in being pathetic in the education department. Did you know we have 7 seperate school districts in the little old town of El Paso? And even with all those superintendents and administrators, our schools suck.

snow ... I would be interested in finding out why you don't like uniforms. I have always felt that they looked good, and a small child in uniform is just toooo adorable. Besides, military school without uniforms? It just doesn't seem right.

aunty belle ... I would like to get some down my way too. If you figure out how to make it happen before I do, could you clue me in? As far as magnet schools go, I like them too. I went to a magnet school back in NYC. I studied oceanography and marine biology and just had a great educational experience.

keshi ... I believe your beliefs just might be right. Of course the uniforms have to be inspected in order for the complete discipline effect to work.

Anonymous said...

*school system currently preparing kids to be is good little thugs and gangstas lololol
very good expression, paul-chan!

Paul Champagne said...

niki ... unfortunately the line about thugs and gangstas would only be funny if it weren't true.

votenic said...



Results Posted Tuesday Evening.

snowelf said...

You know, Paul, I really have no idea...I just like being able to wear what I want to wear. I'm pretty picky about my clothes and I feel so restrained and controlled at the idea of uniforms for some reason.