Saturday, October 27, 2007

When In The Course Of Human Events ...

In the interests of being bi-partisan and fair, instead of my usual modis operandi of slapping a picture that I enjoy on my posts, today I have added one for the portion of my readership that is not male. So ladies, this ones for you.

After such an inauspicious beginning, I would like to point out a bill that recently passed our illustrious House of Representatives. This bill, HR 505, the "Native Hawaiian Government Reorganization Act of 2007" (See, there is always a reason for the pics I use (well almost always)) is an abomination, and if it isn't un-constitutional, it should be.

Once again, a portion of our government, this time the legislature is trying to cede some of our sovereign rights away. What this piece of legislation will do is allow Native Hawaiian Islanders to form their own government within, and at times superseding the State and Federal government. This law is a pusillanimous attempt to curry favor with the Native American tribes in the United States.

This Bill sets Native Hawaiians up as a legal tribe under Article I, section 8 of the US Constitution, even though in the Supreme Court Case, US v Sandoval, the court ruled that the Federal government could not create "new tribes". This bill cedes 203,500 acres of land to the new Hawaiian government, with the option of even more if a judge adjudicates that land owned by a non-Hawaiian was stolen in the past from a Hawaiian.

In a nutshell, what we have being created here is a situation where neighboring families would have different rights in land ownership, voting for certain offices and tax obligations ... This is certainly not the "American Way", though it may be the "Pelosi Way".

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Anonymous said...

Amen to that Paul

Gayle said...

It is definitely the Democrats way, Paul! They will do anything to garner votes, as in giving driver's licences to illegal immigrants like the Democratic governor of NY, Elliot Spitzer, is trying to do so that illegal immigrants will be able to vote, therefor voting for him, of course. The Dems have no shame!

buffalodickdy said...

The sooner America stops giving any minority group rights over other fellow Americans, the sooner we will become the nation founded on equality for all.

Tapline said...

Paul, If my memory serves me correctly, for many years Howleys, whites could not own land in Hawaii. I did'nt know it had changed. That's how much I have stayed up on current events. What is the purpose of the bill???to compensate someone for something that was taken from them....I don't quite understand it. Is it to make another special class of citizens????Sounds like something the dems would do...stay well....

Anonymous said...

that is really weird!!
thanks paul-chan for pretty hawaian photos :)

WomanHonorThyself said...

the Pelosi way is most definitely not the American way!

MONA said...

Thanks for the picture for ladies :D

Indeed Minority character sucks anywhere. In India we have about 40 % reservations in all jobs & studies quotas for the scheduled cast & Scheduled tribes.

I guess a Universal Civil Code is the need for every country.

Anonymous said...


"This bill cedes 203,500 acres of land to the new Hawaiian government, with the option of even more if a judge adjudicates that land owned by a non-Hawaiian was stolen in the past from a Hawaiian."

We need to follow the money on this one. It could be the product of the "Indian Casino Lobby" - just imagine the number of casinos they can build in 203k+ acres.

Have a fine Texas day.


lime said...

oh my, this female reader appreciates the consideration....may i go interview him for his position on this issue?

Mike M said...

This is the start of what the "dems" call "evening out the wealth".

It kind of makes me sick that all I have worked for is nothing more than a bartering chip for Nancy and her fellow comrades to use to even the playing field with the poor.

Don't get me wrong, the poor are worth fighting for, but you don't have to take something away from me to make that happen.

It's the dem playbook in action. And they are starting with rule one. "The Rich MUST pay the poor"

There is a better way to close that gap.

BTW, Hawaiians are not a minority. The are Americans just like the rest of us.

Superstar said...

I say give it all back. Let "them" fix the big mess this nation is in...I am sure that "they" will be just as wise as our fore fathers and have the ability to create a "more perfect" union....

~rolls eyes~
I have to say, we are our own worst enemy....

A Little Revolution said...

Wow, aren't all the voters who were mad at Bush glad at what they did!


"Give it away, give it away, give it away now!" (that one song whose title I can't remember)

I couldn't decide which comment, so you get both.

Keshi said...

there should only be EQUAL rights.


Anonymous said...

i think that girl looks chinese :)

Paul Champagne said...

dd2 ... and peace be unto you.

gayle ... I am shocked that a Dem would want illegal aliens to have a vote ... I always imagined that they wanted them to vote multiple times.

buffalo ... I failed to mention that also included in this bill is an apology for how the native Hawaiians were treated.

tapline ... the purpose of the bill seems to be an expansion of rights for indigenous people. I fear this might later be used to expand Indian rights. You are correct, not too long ago Howlies could not own land in Hawaii. That law was overturned in Federal Court.

niki ... you are welcome for the pics, as far as the girl being Chinese ... I don't know, I put it up because I thought she looked pretty.

angel ... the Pelosi way is in tune with her constituency. San Francisco just might be the most un-American city in the US.

mona ... the problem is that we have a universal code in the United States and it is called "All men are created equal", that means that there should not be any "special" rights for any one.

tlrb ... In the bill it specifically spells out that casino gambling is not allowed. I didn't see a loop-hole, but it is written in legalese and this could very well be the case.

lime ... I have scheduled the interview and he should be by shortly. He wanted to know if a business suit would be appropriate, I told him the loin-cloth would be just fine ... I hope you don't mind.

mike ... I live in one of the poorest areas of the country. I see the results of poverty all the time and it is heart-wrenching. But the only thing that will raise the people up out of poverty in my area is education. Too many drop out of school. Drugs and alcoholism take care of the rest. I agree, I work way too hard for Nancy and company to try to re-distribute my "wealth". The Democratic definition of the rich ... anyone with a good job.

bambi ... we are our own worst enemies. We have a huge problem with the "politics of jealousy". The Democrats try to play on the dissatisfaction of the poor, telling them how unfair it is that some people have money and they don't. The fact that those "rich" people went to school and worked hard for their money just doesn't come into play. They have suceeded in dividing this nation among cultural, economical and racial lines. And you know the old saying about a house divided. We need a Uniter not a divider in charge.

revolution ... I think the last election was more about throwing people out of Congress than it was about President Bush (I may be wrong of course). If this was true, maybe the revolution has already begun.

keshi ... of course there should only be equal rights ... but then again, how often do the workings of governments make any sense at all?

In_spired said...


Great word! Had to look that one up on

Another thought provoking post.

Paul Champagne said...

inspired ... I hope I used it correctly. If I remember correctly it comes from the Latin pussil meaning little and animus meaning spirit ... in other words, cowardly.

Great Destinations,Great Food said...

Woo Hoo !Glad I dropped by but the pic distracted me from the post!!!