Saturday, November 10, 2007

More Carter Shenanigans ...

As promised, the second installment of my, "I hate Jimmy" post has arrived. In my prior installment, I accused Mr. Peanut of being an evil, vindictive SOB that screwed up the world. In this piece, I hope to show you that he is also an anti-Semitic commie that would sell the United States down the river for a chance at power.

According to Peter Schweizer, author of the best-seller, "Reagan's War", Jimmy Carter sought the assistance of the Soviet Union in both his 1976 Presidential bid and 1980 re-election campaign. These allegations are a result of interviews with former Soviet Ambassador Anatoly Dobrynin and First Deputy Foreign Minister Georgii Kornienko. In September of 1976, Carter assured the Soviets that if elected, he would take steps to rapidly conclude and sign the SALT II treaty, and would continue to negotiate an agreement on substantial reductions in strategic weapons. During his 1980 re-election campaign, he sent pro-Soviet industrialist, Armand Hammer to the Soviet embassy for a secret meeting with Ambassador Dobrynin. He asked for Soviet help with issues that would help him get re-elected, such as an increase in Jewish emigration. For their help, Carter promised that the Soviet help would not be forgotten. The British Foreign & Commonwealth Office even thought that Carter might be a Russian mole. They dispatched about 200 observers to monitor Carter's 1980 campaign against Reagan to see if the Soviets would try to buy the election for Carter. In 1984, while campaigning for Walter Mondale, Carter again asked for Soviet assistance. Carter warned the Soviets that in Reagan were re-elected there would not be another agreement on arms control as long as Reagan was in power. At least he was right on that note ... The arms race forced the collapse of the Soviet Union. With all these election shenanigans, isn't it amazing that Carter trots down to South America to monitor elections in Venezuela, giving Hugo Chavez a clean bill of health?

The previous writings are all facts. There are also unproven suspicions surrounding the Carter Presidency. These revolve around the Panama Canal, shutting off a spy satellite over Cuba as well as actually planning the takeover of the US Embassy in Iran. The Jimmy Carter Center in Atlanta, Ga still receives a lot of money from the Arab World.

According to Jimmy Carter, Israel treats the Palestinians like South Africa treated blacks during Apartheid. You don't have to believe me on this, he wrote it in his own words in his book, "Palestine Peace Not Apartheid". Then again, the man from Plains never was a big supporter of the Jewish State ... or Jews for that matter. In 1987, the US deported a man named Martin Bartesch to Austria. Seems that this animal had volunteered to be guard at the Mauthausen Concentration Camp. The US had proof that he had participated in the executions of Jewish prisoners. The adult children of this fiend went on a letter-writing campaign, trying to get special consideration for their father. One of these letters made it to Carter who scribbled a note on the upper corner of the letter, stating that he wanted "special consideration for the family for humanitarian reasons". This letter was forwarded to Neal Sher of the US Justice Department's Office of Special Investigation, the man who worked so hard to deport these pieces of crap in the first place. A copy of the letter was posted on the Internet by the New York Sun (well you just knew that it wouldn't be the New York Times), and you can see it here so where is the special consideration for the families of the millions of Jews that were gassed, burnt or worked to death by the Nazis?

Once again, how can people call George Bush the worst president ever when we have this character in our POTUS lineage?

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Anonymous said...

I like that cartoon

Funny cartoon with Jimmy and his HAMAS friends! Again, Jimmy was one bad president, but not as bad as the Nixon/Agnew team. Have a fine Texas weekend.


WomanHonorThyself said...

great work my friend..what an anti semite if ever there was one!!!!Happy Vets day and blessings to all the ones fighting!:)

Anonymous said...

i like that cartoon too. so cute lol
my relative married jimmy's relative.
so i cant make a comment :P

Debbie said...

That's very interesting about Carter and the Russians. A mole for Russia? Two hundred agents to spy on Carter and the election. Sounds like a Hollywood movie.

Carter is the worst. Worst president. Worst human American leader. And the worst Western anti-semite. A disgrace.

That cartoon was one of the last from Cox and Forkum (I think). They will be missed.

Keshi said...

I think every President has his/her strengths n weaknesses.


Superstar said...

Paul; I AM not as versed on the Carter yeras...Since I will be teaching Social studies...I will get my nose in a book and read up...

Now if you can return a favor...I am in a contest...come to my site and vote! Thank you!

I am off to research the carter years...

A Little Revolution said...

I still don't understand why my mom likes that sorry excuse for a man.

In_spired said...

Carter was before my time of political interest...I'm ashamed to say! Goofy could have been president and it wouldn't have made an imprint on my way or the other. I keep wondering how my life might be different (if any) if I had been politically interested at a younger age!!

buffalodickdy said...

In only a slightly similar vein, Amy Carter was the homilest kid that ever lived in the White House- until Chelsea got there.....

Paul Champagne said...

tlrb ... I actually think that Carter was worse than Nixon. I can actually point to quite a few accomplishments of the Nixon administration (eg opening of diplomatic relations with both the USSR and Peoples Republic of China), I can't recall a single positive thing that came out of the Carter administration.

angel ... thanks, and indeed may the Lord bless our soldiers in combat as well as the rest of them around the world, keeping us safe.

niki ... you are related to Jimmy Carter? Egads!, though I kind of liked his brother Billy.

debbie ... a Hollywood Movie? I guess so ... but it would be a horror flick.

keshi ... yes they do ... except for Carter, he only had weaknesses.

bambi ... have fun with your research. I'm off to help you with your contest.

rev ... Your mom has probably bought into all the hype about how deeply a religious man he is.

inspired ... the important thing is that you are politically aware now .

buffalo ... I am loathe to discuss people's physical attributes (I am now Brad Pitt either), even when they look like they were beaten with an ugly stick.

Mike M said...

Carter was president?? I though he was just some old man who got lost in the White House and found his way into the oval office.