Thursday, November 8, 2007

The Reason Why The Mid-East Is Screwed ...

I am really tired of hearing how our 43rd President, George W Bush is the worst president in history. To find the worst one, we would only have to look back to number 39. That's right, our lovable peanut farmer from Georgia, Jimmy Carter. Folks on the left like to dwell on his intelligence and his current good works with Habitat for Humanity. Here at the Blogway Boys, we want to reveal a more sinister side of "Saint Jimmy". Yes folks, Jimmy Carter was a sneaky, conniving, vindictive S.O.B. But just don't take my word for it, let me lay out the facts.

Let's start back in 1977. The Mid-East, though never completely quiet, was a much more peaceful area than it is now. This was due to the policing efforts of the country of Iran, and seated upon the Peacock Throne was Mohammad Reza Pahlavi, the Shah of Iran. The Shah was not a perfect man, but he was westernizing his country, women did not have to wear a hideous burkha, and the education of his people was of extreme importance. Yes, he did have the SAVAK (Iranian Secret Police) that operated in much the same way as the East German STASI. But the people that the SAVAK mostly made disappear were communist agents and spies. Iran was second only to Israel in its' pro-American stance. The Shah was also busy building infrastructure.

One of the projects that the Shah was building was a huge multi-billion dollar Bandar Mahshahr port complex. The contract for this project had been awarded to Root & Brown (a subsidiary of the evil Haliburton). President Carter arranged for an audience for some of his Georgia cronies with the Shah. Carter asked the Shah as a personal favor to cancel the contract with Brown & Root and award it with a 10% mark-up to his cronies. These cronies would then charge that 10% as a management fee and have Brown & Root do the work. The Shah was informed that without their management, the project would face untold difficulties at the US end. He was told that in these perilous political times, he should appreciate the favor which Carter was doing for him. Now, this is something that I can see the leader of a Mafia family doing ... but the leader of the free world?

The Shah declined this arrangement, and Jimmy Carter began to plot. Carter subsequently refused to allow tear gas and rubber bullets to be shipped to Iran (anti-riot gear), as well as halted the shipment of water cannon vehicles. Without these "humane" methods of crowd control, the only way the government could stop riots was to fire real bullets into the crowd. The Shah made a moral decision not to order his troops to do this. His mistake was in telling the Iranian people of his decision. In a heartfelt speech to the people, he told them that he would not force his soldiers to fire into the crowds that could be their brothers, cousins and friends. The Islamists were given a get out of jail free card.

Jimmy Carter went on a one man (plus the CIA) mission to remove the Shah from power and replace him with the insane Grand Ayatollah Khomeini. Carter went so far as to say that because the Ayatollah was a religious man, and since he was also a religious man, that he knew how a man of God thinks (I personally don't think either of them worship the same God that I do). So, Carter (with the help of the Pentagon) convinced 150 of the Shah's top military men to surrender the country to the Ayatollah Khomeini. The Ayatollah then killed all 150 of them as one of his first acts in power.

The fall of the Shah completely destabilized the Middle-East and led to the Iraqi military build-up and later wars between those two countries ... and eventually to our current situation in the Mid-East.

Thank You Jimmy Carter!!!
I think I will continue this on Saturday, because there is lots more dirt on the peanut man.

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Keshi said...

hehe I rem Jimmy Carter...


Debbie said...

You ended with my statement, Thanks Jhimmi. We can track the present situation right back to Jhimmi's door. He is by far the worse, and he continues to spread his vile version of how the world should be. He continues to favor the terrorists over Americans. I don't say that easily, but it's true.

A Little Revolution said...

I shake my fist at thee, Jimmy Carter!

Thanks for the highly informational read!

Superstar said...

OK PAUL. If you could go back to the 70's knowing what you know now. IF you were able to, would you bomb the middle east?

Think about it. If you could be Jimmy for one day, what issues and "wars" might you involve the US to prevent the last 20 years, w/ Iraq, Afganastain(sp?) Iran, and the Muslims Middle eastern Coup?

hmmmmm....Deep thoughts...

buffalodickdy said...

I guess I'll always remember Jimmy as the President who "viewed with alarm" when Russia went into Afganistan. I admit to getting a pretty good chuckle from his brother Billy when he said, "Israel is the only country that likes the USA in the Middle East and they ain't got any oil!"

Anonymous said...


Jimmy suffers from foot and mouth. The worst? Of ALL the presidents I don't know who is the worst, but dating back to my voting years [perfect voting record dating to the 1972 election] I can name four bad ones:

Nixon real bad
Carter real bad
Clinton bad
Bush II bad

As I have said ad nauseam, I do consider the current administration "Nixonian" and "Jimmy Carteresque."

But let me close with a positive note. During my 30 plus years in the military I had ONE commander in chief I really respected. Born on 02/06/1911 to Nelle and John in Tampico, Illinois, his name was Ronald Wilson Reagan. He was MY president.

Have a fine Texas weekend.


Paul Champagne said...

keshi ... I remember him too, but I'm not laughing.

debbie ... Since he has left office, he has become a nasty old man. Probably still pissed off that he wasn't re-elected. Well at least one state and DC voted for him.

rev ... you wouldn't believe all the crap I found out about the peanut farmer during my research. But I will be spilling that on Saturday.

bambi ... if I could go back to the 70's, I would not bomb the middle east. I would have left well enough alone and fully supported the Shah. He was a buffer to Russia. As soon as the Shah left, Russia invaded Afghanistan ... which led to the rise of the Taliban. Do you see how screwed up Jimmy Carter left the world?

buffalo ... I know the Commies must have been trembling in their jack-boots when they heard how "alarmed" Jimmy was. Ever wonder if Billy was the brother with the common sense?

tlrb ... 30 years of service? Wow ... I got fed up at 16 years, 5 months and 11 days. The Army had gotten way to politically correct. And even worse, it had gotten way too political. When I first enlisted in 1980, it was:

1) Mission
2) Men
3) Me

Now number one is CYA. (Cover Your A..) Though, when I think about it, it might just have been a function of rank. The higher up you go, the more political it is. That would truely be a shame. The mission and your men should always come first in a good leader.

Anonymous said...


Every day in the service counts. During the last half of my career I was there just to take care of the little guys [the big guys were taking care of themselves]. Anyway every day counts: 30 yrs, 8 mos, 19 days. And if I had to do it all over I would NOT change a thing! Have a fine Texas weekend.


Tapline said...

Paul, excellent post. Oh yes!!!Mr. Peanut....big smile.. big on treaties, giving US dollars to countries to go with the flow.....Egypt/Isreal.....Iran declaring war on the US with the invasion of the embassy US prisoners for a year...Oh yes I remember mr Big mouth....with the mouth full of teeth....stay well.....

ghee said...

I am really hoping for the best president after G.Bush.Good luck to all American voters.

Thank you for your visit to my other blog :)
Have a good weekend!

Paul Champagne said...

tlrb ... of course every day counts, but the military has changed. If I had it to do over again I would have opted for the Marine Corp.

tapline ... I do have to give the ex-president that. He had more teeth in his mouth than the average man (and bigger too).

ghee ... Yes, our current President hasn't been one of the great ones ... I fear that the best candidates are not running. Who wants their lives placed under a microscope and poked at by the media and their opponants for 18 months. Then if you get elected ... it just gets worse.