Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Congratulations Massachusetts

Now that Scott Brown is the Senator-Elect for the great state of Massachusetts, let's see what tricks the Democrat Party plays to shove Obama-Care down our throats. Already, one Democrat Senator, Jim Webb of Virginia wants actions on health care legislation halted till Brown is sworn-in.

Now we will see if our representatives in DC are willing to actually represent us ... or if they will once again go against the will of the American people and push their own agendas.

Hopefully this election has been a wake-up call to ALL of our politicians. We hired you ... we can fire you too.

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WomanHonorThyself said...

woohooo!..this is a great start my friend!!!

highboy said...

The answer to your question is probably no. Our representatives will continue to represent themselves.

Debbie said...

Many are now afraid of losing their jobs, really worried. This is a good thing.

Right Truth

Amusing Bunni said...

Hi Paul, you bet that we have to keep vigilant, and we can fire them, and we will fire them.
I wish we could fire obumbles right now.

JMK said...

BOTH Debbie and highboy are right, the political class will go on putting their needs and desires ahead of all else, BUT many are now rightfully fearful of losing their (as Mel Brooks called them in Blazing Saddles "phony baloney jobs."

Dependency is the crux of "healthcare reform"....the political class wants more and more Americans dependent on government for more and more of their needs, giving them greater and greater control.

I personally prefer NOT to pay a LOT more for subpar healthcare delivered by incompetent and largely uncaring bureaucrats...but then again, I've always been kinda weird like that.

Like the people in MA and all over the country, I'm hoping Brown's election will halt that least for awhile.

By November, we should have another huge earthquake nationwide...and hopefully some significant changes in D.C.

We need representatives willing to tear a LOT of our so-called "government assistance" out by the proverbial roots.