Saturday, April 9, 2011

An Opportunity Wasted

I'm angry ... the GOP blinked. Instead of sticking to their guns, and looking out for our country ... they surrendered to Obama and Reid.

If the GOP were serious about paying the troops during the shut-down ... they should have sent a clean bill that would pay the troops and Homeland Security during a Government shut-down. Then if the Senate and President killed it ... everyone would have been able to see who was at fault. But no ... they had to put in anti-abortion riders that ensured that the bill would go no further.

I am not optimistic about the coming battles over the debt ceiling and the 2012 budget right now.

It seems that politics and polls will always trump doing what's right in Washington. Why did I ever get my hopes up that this would change.

I only hope that the GOP doesn't leave Paul Ryan hanging. His budget is courageous ... that does not bode well for him with his pusillanimous colleagues.

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Debbie said...

An opportunity wasted pretty much sums up the entire disaster.

I'm angry and I'm sure the TEA Party and Conservatives are angry too. What their/our response will be?

Paul Ryan has done a great job and we need to take advantage. Heads should roll.

Right Truth

WomanHonorThyself said...

youre spot on Paul..are we on the brink of collapse ?

christian soldier said...

Thank you for your kind comment at my site---
as to the 'blinking' Rs-
indeed-let's keep the pressure on - we must hold them to their word-
and-Ryan's measure must be fully backed by his fellow Rs....

tapline said...

Paul, Great post! Yes, they did blink and the weeping one caved to the Socialist. They talk a good game and that's all it seems to be. What happens to those who promise to do one thing and do exactly the opposite. It reminds me of being born again. They are like the caterpilar who transforms into a butterfly, but only the opposte way...from a butterfly to a caterpillar......stay well.....


Paul - It has oft been said,
"Politics makes for strange bedfellows" and I reflected on that recently with my Post in May, the day navy seals got bin-Laden.

See: 'What Really Happened...."

Hillary's and CIA Director Leon Panetta's action that day was great; job well done, and Obama's nanny, Valerie Jarrett are OVER.RULED by the CIA and a few key military people.

Result: We got Osama bin Laden.

On July 1st Post "Weiner, Hillary's Factotum, and the Muslim Brotherhood"... we discovered that Hilly's key advisor in the State Dept, is Huma Abedin Weiner (a muslim female, married to an air-headed Jewish congressman) has direct family connections to the Brotherhood!

Truth is often stranger than Fiction, believe it or not. - reb
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Terri@SteelMagnolia said...

Paul..... are you still around?? Terri

Jackie said...

Miss you. Wish you would start blogging again. Hope all is well...