Saturday, June 30, 2012


Chief Justice John Roberts stated yesterday, that it was not the job of the Supreme Court to rescue the public from the stupid decision that they made when they put President Obama and the Democrats in power back in 2008.  (O-kay, I paraphrased a little bit … but that was the gist of his statement).

I agree with that statement … but is it the Court’s job to re-write law in order to make it Constitutional?  I don’t think so … and I can probably find a lot of people smarter and more educated than me that would agree with me.

Nowhere in this 2700 page behemoth of healthcare legislation does it say the word TAX as it relates to the individual mandate.  The President on many occasions declared that it was a penalty and not a tax, even going as far as to tell George Stephanopolis that he was stretching to call it a tax.  Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid heartily agreed with the President.

Fast forward a couple of years, and the Government lawyers are pleading to the court that it is a tax … and the Chief Justice falls right into it.

So … I want to ask all my fellow Americans that make under $250,000.00 a year … Did the President live up to his campaign promise not to raise your taxes?

I could go on, but I have to go figure out if it is cheaper to pay the fine (tax) or to actually purchase health insurance.  I’m pretty sure that the tax will be cheaper, but I might go with the insurance so that I can actually get something for my money.

The next thing I will have to figure out is what I will have to give up in order to afford the tax or the insurance.

Wish me luck

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Jackie said...

Paul, Thank you so much for your visit to my poor, neglected blog. I want to be "inspired" again but, so far, it hasn't struck. Maybe soon! Yes, we as "big kids" need those hugs. I still think about the "hugs" through commenting on each others blogs but Facebook has taken over. Good luck and visit again...maybe I'll have a new post!!


Paul from El Paso. - Thanks for your comment today.

We always appreciate remarks from alert & aware folks, that remain vigilant in times of extreme national peril.

One of our most significant and informative articles in six yrs of blogging --- > "Letting Obama
Be Obama" by Dr. Paul Kengor, is in our archives (see left column) for January 01, 2012.

Your analysis would be most welcome, and that attractive school-teacher, Ms Jackie, is welcomed too. Howdy Ma'am!

regards - from oak ridge, tennessee. - reb
___ ___

Jackie said...

Well...Howdy, Mr. Snake Hunter! Thanks for the compliment...which warrants adding you to my favorites. I'm "aware" though often, not very "alert"...possibly because I prefer "margarita with a salt rim"..(haha)

Will be visiting Snake Hunters periodically.

Jackie said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
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