Tuesday, August 21, 2007

As the War Turns ... Dems Spin Iraq News

It looks like the Democrats are launching a pre-emptive strike in advance of the September 15th release of General Petraeus’ review of the situation in Iraq.

Yesterday, in front of a VFW audience in Kansas City, Mo, Presidential Candidate, Hillary Clinton admitted that the troop surge is working … then proceeded to try to spin this information into troop withdrawals. Mrs. Clinton stated, “It’s working. We’re just years too late in changing tactics.” She also stated, “New military tactics in Iraq are working, but the best way to honor US soldiers is by beginning to bring them home.”

Mrs. Clinton, if we are finally getting our act together in Iraq, how can our pulling out possibly honor those service members who have given their lives? The only way I see to honor our fallen heroes is to succeed in the mission for which they gave everything. If we truly want to honor them, Iraq must become a free nation, awash in the prosperity that comes from a fair and equitable government.

Is the specter of the US winning the war in Iraq so scary to the Democratic Party that you will do anything to make sure we lose? Regardless of polls, I can guarantee you that the American (Republican, Democrat and Independent) people do not want to lose this war, and will not look kindly on the people that bring this nation down.

So, Democrats, if you want to win the next election, do not screw this nation for political gain … we will remember.

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Anonymous said...

The Tide Shifting in Iraq

Oh boy, are we making progress, is that what she really said? On November 2003, on a political monologue, I wrote about The Tide Shifting in Iraq. I can now see The Tide Shitting in Washington DC. This lady is almost 4 years late to the party and can not be trusted.

Have fine TEXAS evening.

Blancodeviosa said...

I am a democrat, so i will stay mute on this one

Paul Champagne said...

tlrb ... I hate that this sounds like such a partisan post. This time it was Hillary ... but it could have been someone in the Republican camp. We all know that politicians change their positions quicker than a newborn changes diapers.

With the exception of Joe Lieberman, I really do think that the Dems want us to lose so they can continue to hammer the GOP over the war.

blanco ... Democrats are encouraged to express themselves. We want all sides to the argument. You never know, you may express yourself so succintly that I or someone else may change their mind.

Blancodeviosa said...

i am not saying she is my first choice, but i feel she is just trying to figure out the best course of action. this quagmire is so deep, i am not sure anyone knows what to do.

Mike M said...

Open letter to Hillary:

Dear Dumbass,

Spinning things your way only makes you look more stupid. I didn't think that was possible, but then you opened your mouth.....again.

In_spired said...

I'm not well versed in military strategy so I won't try to comment.

On posts like this, I wait until all the comments are made and when I've read your post plus the comments I feel as though I've had a short course in the subject!!

I've gained enough information that I can make some "off-the-cuff" comment to the S-I-L and watch his jaw go slack!(lol)

Paul Champagne said...

blanco ... thats more like it. But as possibly the next commander in chief, she has to know what she will do. You can't just wing it once you get there (that plan has already been tried by our current illustrious leader ... and we can see where that got us), so now we have changed the plan to one that is working ... why stop when we finally got it right?

mike ... Just don't send that letter to her ... She has people to take care of folks that annoy her.

inspired ... your strategy seems to be one that some of the candidates are using. They wait for someone else to take a stand and then, depending on what the reaction to that stance is ... they jump in. At least Hillary does take a stand ... I still don't know where Obama is on the issues ... except that he didn't vote to authorize the war.

Anonymous said...

Some in USA are NOT clueless about Iraq

In ref to not knowing what to do in Iraq. We do have some Americans with expertise in Middle East affairs. No, I am NOT talking about the clueless incompetent Power Point Warriors running the war from their desk in Washington DC.

The SURGE seems to be working, but guess what, this plan was NOT drafted by a member of the FAILED administration. One RETIRED Army general came up with the plan to save our face in Iraq. God bless him if this plan is a total success!

Now what we need is for all the useless politicians ruining my country [those from the DEM team, and the friends of our failed administration] to let our military men and women do what they do best.

Oh by the way, before I close, we are in a BAD situation in Iraq thanks to the incompetence of our SENIOR MILITARY leadership [those involved directly or indirectly in the planning and execution of this war]. To them I say, you FAILED, and FAILED miserably ... SHAME on you!

Thanks for reading this book, and have a fine evening !!!

Paul Champagne said...

tlrb ... it wasn't a book ... there was no table of contents.

Asking politicians to keep their hands off the war is an impossible task. It the politicos didn't think they had all the answers, they wouldn't be running for office. But what we have is a bunch of know-it-alls that all think they are god's gift to the American public ... so we get wars that are micro-managed in DC and the result is chaos or as you like to call it SNAFU.

Terri@SteelMagnolia said...

*shakes head*

that's a great pic!!

Paul Champagne said...

terri ... I think the pic really captures her spirit ... don't you?

Jenny! said...

I fucking hate Hillary...thats all I have to say!

Paul Champagne said...

jenny ... your reaction is why Republicans are praying that Hillary is the Democratic nominee. 49% of Americans agree with you on her, so if she is the nominee, all the Republican Candidate has to do is look for another 2% and they are in.

Stephanie said...

But do you think we'll ever be able to succeed? What if we keep our troops over there, year after year, and nothing good comes of it?

Tapline said...

Looks like someone really riled the commenters....I think there is enough blame to go around. Point is, If something isn't working. Change tactics. That's been done and changes are evolving. Rome wasn't bulit in a day and we are starting from scratch here. Iraq is a nation who has no conception of freedom as we know it, so to think that they know what it's like to do the right thing is not going to happen. It's going to be trial and error.One cannot compare Japan or Germany with Iraq. The former were conquered people unlike Iraq where it was made clear we had no fight with the Iraqi people, they were not a conquered people...therefore we might want to dictate, but much diplomacy......is the order of the day. Finally, things are starting to gel because we are getting the people involved on their terms. Remember, they do not think the way we do and it will take time to change. I hope we will see it through...I ramble...stay well...

Terry said...

Paul and Lowest Rated,


I too love the pic of Hillary!

buffalodickdy said...

Hillary running the country, Bill holding her coat- some things never change.....
I'm looking into the immigration requirements to Canada just in case...

snowelf said...

I hate this war and what it stands for and I hate that we are over there, but we are. And I have to believe that we ARE helping the Iraqis who do want us there. I can't stomach it any other way.

But because we are over there, I think the stupidest thing to do would be to just pull all of our troops out now. We have to see this through to the end--people have come to depend on us, and the credibility of our nation is at stake. If we are over there to help we can't just be all like "Sorry, time to go." in the middle of everything. That's just stupid.
I am afraid that the Democrats are going to get into office and then the country is going to expect all of the troops to come home and we can just forget all about Iraq. That would be a really stupid move on our part if it did. We are too far into this now and we need to conclude, not retreat.

All that and I'm a liberal.


(I think I made the same face as Hilary when I found out that Goofball had 5 kids--Scary!!)

Paul Champagne said...

stephanie ... I can understand your concerns. We have had troops in Korea for 50 years, and troops scattered over the planet in places like Bosnia, the Sinai Penninsula and Europe for longer than originally anticipated. We are going to have US troops in the middle east for a very long time. But this is a war that we are both capable of winning and have to win.

tapline ... we are treading on new ground, with the nation building we are attempting in Iraq. After WWII in Europe and Japan, it was just a re-building, these countries had a long history of government and we just needed to get their infrastructure back together. In the middle east, they have a long history of tribal leadership and are not very keen on a central government. The infrastructure was spotty at best even before the war. We are basically starting from nothing. This is with a people that we really don't understand.

Luckily we can start with the assumption that they want what all people want, a better life for them and especially their kids. It is up to us to convince them of the benefits of democracy.

Believe it or not, the people we can get the most help from in understanding Arabic people is the French. They have alot of experience in Algeria, Morroco and Lebanon. We could probably ask for France's advice (and they would be happy to give it ... it feeds the French ego). But are we too proud to ask?

terry ... Why does everyone seem to like that pic? Thanks

buffalo ... if you think that things are tilting too far to the left here ... Canada is not the place you want to be going to. Check out Austrailia.

snow ... I have said many times that it was a mistake to invade Iraq ... but now that we are there, we have to finish. We sent advisors into Afghanistan after the Russsians invaded. We trained the Muhajadeen (which later became the Taliban) and equipped them with weapons to fight the Russsians. When the Russians pulled out, we left. So now we are back in Afghanistan, trying to put right what we screwed up in the first place. I don't want my grand-kids to have to return to Iraq in 15-20 years to do the job we need to do now. You say you are a liberal, but the difference between a Mid-West liberal and one from either coast is that the ones on the coasts are what I would call rabid-liberals. They are incapable of thinking for themselves and follow the party doctrine in lock-step. They are lemmings. I have disdain for these kinds of liberals, as well as the Conservatives that will agree with everything that Michael (Wiener) Savage has to say.

More Americans need to think for themselves and stop listening and reading the political pundits out there (except me of course ... you should always listen to me). Think with both your hearts and your minds. The choice you come up with may not be perfect ... but it will be yours

Jenny! said...

Damn, she better get her ass nominated as the Dem then!

Paul Champagne said...

jenny ... looks like her ass will indeed get the nomination ... so lock up the interns, Bill is coming back.

snowelf said...

I totally agree Paul...I am more conservative when it comes to money issues, but with human rights, I'm totally and admittedly more open about having choices and social programs than a lot of others. But I'm totally about the hand up than a hand out and not so ignorant that I don't know that social programs are so abused and look better on paper almost all the time.

The election is going to be an even more intense one than last time if she does get the nod!! So many people HATE her with a passion...
I don't hate her, but I'm not exactly a fan.

What a election year this next one is going to be.


Paul Champagne said...

snow ... I just hope that the electorate doesn't get burned out by election day. There is still 15 months before we actually go to the polls to elect the person that is either going to save or screw up the country for the next 4 years.

God Bless America

We are going to need it.

David said...

We need to succeed!

The Ogre said...

Man, that pic is just downright scary....almost to the point of detracting from the blog scary. Definitely nightmare scary. Like if a Dem wins what our foreign policy will be. Nightmare scary.

Paul Champagne said...

david ... you said it!

ogre ... and people wondered why Bill cheated. But at least JFK cheated with prettier women than slick willie did. Then again, Jackie was good looking and it took a Marilyn to be a step up. Monica was a step up from Hilary ... thats scary.