Saturday, August 18, 2007

Fred Thompson The Conservative?

The name Fred Thompson has been bandied about as the Conservative alternative to Rudy Giuliani. But just how conservative are his credentials?
Fred Thompson was a DC lobbyist for 20 years prior to entering the Senate in 1994. A couple of his clients just might give the Republican base pause. He lobbied for an abortion rights group, the National Family Planning and Reproductive Health Association and for deposed leftist Haitian President Jean Bertrand Aristide. During his lobbying career, Thompson made well over $1,000,000.00 representing his clients.
Fred Thompson claims to strongly oppose abortion, but he makes no apologies for fighting for abortion rights on behalf of his client. He says, "there is nothing wrong with a lawyer representing a client with views different from his own".
I would like to counter Mr. Thompson's assertion ... there is nothing illegal with representing a client with views opposite your own ... but in this case it is morally wrong. This is a man that wants to be President of the United States, we already know he will sell his soul for money, what else will he sell? Sorry Mr. Thompson, you will not be receiving my vote. You had more of a chance if you had told me that you were pro-choice. One of the qualities that America needs in her leaders is the courage of their convictions. Your convictions seem to be for sale.

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snowelf said...

I couldn't not agree more.
I think this guy is totally bad news.

I may not like the person who is in the white house right now, but at least he sticks to his guns and his decisions. I know he thinks he's a good person for doing this and it's helping to earn our trust, but I just don't agree with anything he's sticking by!!

It is going to be one hell of an election year...


Paul Champagne said...

snow ... I can't wait for the primaries to really start reving up. Right now the candidates are pretty much on their best behavior, but wait till the gloves come off ... then we will see who runs a dirty campaign (and will probably run a dirty administration), who fights back when they are wronged, who lets others walk all over them and who takes the high road. Right now, Rudy has my vote, but you never know ... once I have the answers to these questions.

Anonymous said...


This man is waiting for September to make a move. I expect this man NOT TO ENTER the race. Some of his supporters are painting him as the next Ronald Reagan. As I wrote on The Lowest Rated Blog, "Ronald Reagan was my commander in chief, and you Mr Thompson are no Ronald Reagan."

Have a fine TEXAS evening.

Paul Champagne said...

tlrb ... right now the plan is to announce during the labor day weekend. It will be way too late by then.

You are of course right on the money, Thompson is no Reagan ... unfortunately he was one of a kind.

Terri@SteelMagnolia said...

Wow... I did not know that...

We were talking about voting for him ... we thought he was better than the others ...
Fox News was rippin on him today..

but then ... we do like Mitt.
He's been a bit wishy washy in regards to abortion, too.

I'd vote for Newt if he ran ... but dang.. he sure made a mess of his personal life a while back...

I dunnnnnno!!!!!!!!!!!!! They all have little bones in their closets.

David said...

Are you sure that your skeletons are bad enough to keep you from running? I make no secret of liking Mitt, but I am open to change.

Anonymous said...

The Perfect Candidate

Sorry, there are none. My recommendation is for everyone to do a lot of homework. Do your very own checklist and compare all the candidates. Do not rely on FOX, CNN, El Rushbo, or any other RWW/LWW talking head to pick a candidate for you. If YOU vote for a candidate then that candidate is electable!
Paul, Roger All, so Fred Thompson is planning to make the big announcement during the Labor Day Weekend !!!

Have a FINE evening !!!

Stephanie said...

What's sad is how many people will vote for him because he's been in a Die Hard movie.

Superstar said...

Paula; First, he is a LAWYER. Nuff said. Second he is an
actor. NUFF said.

The only intrest he is vested in is his checkbook.

Although, I am sure as the day is long, that we will see him as a candidate....

Keshi said...

its silly.


Paul Champagne said...

terri ... to me, a person's character is more important than his stance on any particular social issue. Mitt has been wishy washy ... he was pro-abortion while running for governor of one of the most liberal states in the Union, and now he is pro-life. That doesn't make me feel too good about what he may do as President. Thompson was not even a good Senator ... though he is not bad as an actor. Rudy has skeletons out in the open (they were brought out of the closet long ago), but he is dealing with them and not flip-flopping. But there is still a long way to go before choices have to be made.

david ... there are enough skeletons in my closet to qualify as a graveyard. Besides, I don't know if I would even want to go through all the stress of running for political office.

tlrb ... correctomundo, each person has to do their own research. I would suggest making a list of the pro's and con's for each candidate and voting for the candidate you agree with on those issues that are most important to you.

stephanie ... don't forget his role on Law and Order. He has taken roles that make him look Presidential. I wonder if this has been his plan all along?

bambi ... Vice President??? Not sure he would be a good fit for any of the candidates. No President wants to be upstaged by his VP.

keshi ... silly??? We are talking about people that want to be the most powerful person in the world ... someone with his or her finger on the button that could destroy everything. This is not only serious, but kind of scary. Now, I might agree with you that the process in which we elect our President may be a little silly, or a lot silly, but the subject isn't silly at all.