Thursday, August 23, 2007

Native American Immigration

Just when you thought you had heard everything, we now have a “sham” American Indian Tribe selling membership to illegal aliens.

The Federal Bureau of Indian Affairs denied the Kaweah Indians recognition back in 1985, because it was “not a real tribe”. The Kaweah tribe did exist at one time, but it is unrelated to this one.

The Kaweah Indian Nation, Inc., of Wichita, Kansas took up to $400.00 each from an unknown number of illegal aliens for the guarantee of a Social Security number and a “Certificate of Citizenship” card that was supposed to bring protection against deportation. They further told the illegal immigrants that once the tribe was recognized by the federal government, they would be US Citizens. Immigration authorities have said becoming a member of a tribe (even a real one) gives no protection against deportation.

The tribe’s secretary, a woman from El Salvador, and her Guatemalan husband were charged last week in Wichita for federal immigration violations in what prosecutors called a multi-state immigration scam.

I hope these two are not US Citizens … So we can deport their asses.

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Blancodeviosa said...

I wish we could deport some others too!

snowelf said...

I wish too.
But you just KNOW they are.


Terri@SteelMagnolia said...


Stephanie said...

I hadn't heard of this. Wow. As if we didn't have enough drama!

Paul Champagne said...

blanco ... no, we can't deport the President.

snow ... I don't know how long this scam has been running. They might have the same "Citizenship" cards they are selling to others ... please, please, please.

terri ... Agreed

stephanie ... As I started this post out with, if you think you've seen it all ...

Loving Annie said...

Good Thursday evening to you Paul.

Unbelievable ! There are quite a few who should be deported and never allowed to return.
Oh Hilary ?

buffalodickdy said...

Does this mean they are not going to open a casino?

Terry said...

Golly, this is news to me. I love how I always learn stuff from you , Paul. I hope they all go down!

Anonymous said...


Actually, I hope those two [the lady from El Salvador and the man from Guatemala] ARE here legally and are US citizens. I want to see our government REMOVING the US citizenship from this group and giving them a one way ticket to Ciudad De Guatemala.

Have a fine TEXAS evening!!

In_spired said...

I agree with Terry...I wouldn't know anything if I didn't read it on The Blogway Boys.

Haven't heard a peep about this issue until now.

Paul Champagne said...

annie ... I wouldn't want to deport Hilary, I'm hoping she is the Democratic nominee for President. She should be the easiest to defeat ... and if she should happen to win, she would be the best Dem for the job (excluding Bill Richardson)

buffalo ... casino, no. But I hear they have a mighty wild Weds night poker game in the basement.

terry ... I am here as your public servant to keep you all informed on news that is buried on page B14 in the papers.

tlrb ... you're right, stripping them of their citizenship and then deporting them is better than just deporting them. How much do you want to bet that they will be back in the US within 6 months of being deported.

inspired ... always here for your political edification ma'am.

David said...

Really, that is laughable. Just today I was listening on the radio about some judge saying that being an illegal immigrant in the USA wasn't illegal, just crossing the border was. What about all the id theft? Isn't that illegal...!?

The Ogre said...

You know where I stand on illegal immigration Paul. The sad state of affairs is if they turn out to be US citizens, the ACLU may join into their cause and get their "tribe" recognized. And with the ACLU, that's probably not far off.

Paul Champagne said...

david ... that judge is already in the process of being over-turned by the district court of appeals. Being in possession of fake state and federal documents has always been a felony, and the employers must have copys of the forgeries in their personnel files.

ogre ... we all know where you stand on illegal immigration. It is where most of the country also stands. I think the ACLU is even more likely to step in if they are illegals. The ACLU keeps inventing rights for criminals ... the problem is they have really good constitutional lawyers working for them.

Mike M said...

Paul I'm going to have to take a different stand on this one. I agree what was done was wrong and needs to be "corrected". However, we are all immigrants. Unless you are native American, you are an immigrant (At least you come from immigrants).

We need to look at immigration differently. Our forefathers didn't need green cards, so we need to be more empathetic to these people.

I am not saying open the borders and let everyone in. I am saying fix the system for letting people in.
The reason this happened is because the system is broken. That does not excuse the behavior. It just makes it more apparent that it's another system that has been broken and neglected for many, many years.

Tapline said...

I like the cartoon. It really hits the nail on the head, though doesn't it?? Being partly, Native American extraction. I can relate slightly to the feeling that this cartoon entails. My father's sisters and brother visited our family once a year, at Christmas time. They hardly spoke civilly to my mother who was a proud French/Indian . Indians were dirty, I remember the ugly words as a child, they are still indelible. Thinking about this situation. Legally, i wonder what hold our government has on a Native American tribe who decides to go to Mexico or vic-versa, Say the apachi or Naveh that wants to travel back and forth, Legally speaking, I believe, they are nations within our nation. ..I ramble,,,stay well...

Paul Champagne said...

mike ... my people needed green cards. My mother emigrated from Germany as a displaced person (war orphan) after WWII and when she stepped off that boat and onto Ellis Island, you better believe her papers were in order. She carried a Green Card for 20 years till she got her citizenship. My Paternal grandparents waited 12 years for a Visa to emigrate from Canada.

We really need to enforce our immigration laws. We also need to overhaul the INS. The amount of time it takes to do anything is beyond belief. The INS also seems to be staffed with the rudest SOB's I have seen in my life. And the kicker ... These staffers are all recent immigrants (from the sound of their accents) who have decided that since they have already made it, they are going to make it as hard on the new immigrants as they possibly can.

Paul Champagne said...

tapline ... US policy states that the American Indians can cross the borders of Canada and Mexico as long as they stay on Reservation land. Thing is, since that policy was written, the reservations have been moved, and I don't think any of them actually cross the border any more, they come close, but I think there is a buffer between Indian land and the national border.

Mike M said...

Paul, I was talking about before WWII, even before WWI.
This land was taken away from it's original owners. And it was done without green cards. Now, in some cases we expect these people, who were here before us to get green cards.

INS is bad, but USCIS, who handles the green card process is broken beyond belief. The wife and I just got through that process and I can tell you that it was the most humiliating process we have been through.

The immigration system in this country needs to be fixed and amnesty will not fix it. We agree on that point.

Akelamalu said...

Don't want to cause a war here, but aren't Native American Indians the real Americans and as such the only people who could legally grant citizenship? Well in theory anyway. However immigration is a big problem.

Keshi said...

Illegal immigration should be a punishable crime. If we keep deporting them, they'll always keep doing it.


Jenny! said...

Deport deport deport!

I am all for deportation! Fuckers!

Paul Champagne said...

mike ... we had a chance to fix the system in the last legislative session. We blew it when politicians from both sides bowed down to the radical elements of their bases. This is also the reason we will never be able to fix Social Security, Medicaid or any of the other pressing problems that Congress refuses to deal with. They would rather play political games of one-up-manship than do the people's work.

akelamalu ... human beings are not native to North America at all. It is thought that at one time there was a land-bridge across the Bering Strait that connected Russia with Alaska. Sooooo, I guess we will have to go with the rules set up by the Governments of each country.

keshi ... problem is where would we put 12 million people? We don't have enough jails to incarcerate all of them.

jenny ... I take it you are pro deportation :)

Sunni Kay said...

I agree with everything you said it this post, but I fell in love with the cartoon. I am stealing it! I will of course point to where I found it. The cartoon speaks volumes!

Paul Champagne said...

sunni ... by all means, steal away. The cartoon is hilarious on the surface, but makes you think.

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