Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Let's Get Ready To Rumble

As we all watch in disgust, the do-nothing Congress returns from their summer vacation and start maneuvering for position in the next political show-down.

After all, we don't need to wait for General Petreaus's report on the 15th ... What do we need the input from the generals on the ground for? We have General Pelosi, General Bush, General Reid and all the other generals in Washington. There are two camps being set up right now ... for the GOP we have the "Stay the Course" Camp. With their knowledge that since things are finally starting to work in Iraq, let's continue and win this thing. On the Democratic side we have the "Let's loose this war quickly so we can get our troops the hell out of there camp". Armed with the GAO report and leading the charge is General Pelosi, who will trade America's safety for political power.

It would be nice if these DC Generals would listen to General Petraeus, fairly debate the facts, and render a decision based on the best interests of the country and the world. If we need to withdraw some troops to give the Iraqi parliament a push ... so be it, but what we don't need is to push this fight onto the next generation. Iraq is a hell-hole with extreme heat, blowing sand that hurts like hell and makes it almost impossible to breathe. Not to mention bad guys popping up when least expected and trying to kill you. I have been there, my son in law is there now, and I do not want my grand-sons to have to clean up our mess 10 years from now.

So Congress, do the country a favor and think of US first ... and it is a shame that I have to ask you to do something that should be the most important part of your job.

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Terri@SteelMagnolia said...

What? Congress do anything for us, the American people??
I have never heard of such a thing...

they have their own agenda donchaknow!

Besides, they're too bizzy fighting w/ each other...

Paul Champagne said...

terri ... ahhh, I see you get the point, and hopefully Congress will get the point (of our boots) next election if they don't straighten up.

WomanHonorThyself said...

hi there!..Congress thinking of the US first?..never happen my friend!..sigh

Paul Champagne said...

woman ... that may never happen in this world ... but I live in a "special" magical world where it happens all the time ... and unicorns feast on cotton candy clouds.

Anonymous said...

SAMO [surge, accelerate, move out]

The next couple of weeks are going to be ugly. We have made some progress in IRAQ and it is now decision time. Do we BAR, CAR, or PAR [blame and run, cut and run, or pack and run]? We need to finish the job once and for all [and finish it right], and then we need to get the heck out of the Middle East. Personally I am sick and tired of listening to RWW and the LWW making excuses for their side of the house. The Washington Desk Warriors should go back on a long vacation [and please, don't come back, the country runs fine when all of you are gone]. Let our military men and women FINISH their job. Declare victory, and move on. Oh by the way, for a Sailor deployed to the Persian Gulf the best day of the deployment is when your ship is moving a flank speed and you have the opportunity to look at the Straits of Hormuz on the rear view mirror [oh what a feeling]. Thanks for listening.

Have a fine TEXAS evening.


Debbie said...

It is a shame that we have to plead with our Congress to do the right thing. But that's the climate we live in today.

I watched part of the debate tonight, and the after debate blather. Nothing new really.

lime said...

amen to what you say but ditto to terri and woman....ah what a rich fantasy life we lead....

Mike M said...

Agreed Paul

Common sense in Congress?? That would be a welcome change!

Superstar said...

First may I just say, There are no real winners in war. We are all "loosers" to some extent.

OK, with that out of the way...ISSUES are not going to win the election. The sad fact is that between the desire to have a minority (WOMEN) over having a Minority black man, seems to be the only "real" focus. It's very sad.

I am amazed as always that the "hollywood" factor is so going to determine our outcome.

The platforms NEVER are the issue. They SHOULD be. I am really sad that the electorial college is what elelcts our president. The system of checks and balances seems very totaliterian...*sigh*

Blow up the sand box, bring our men and women home and let get our noses busy wining something "real" say like the age long "war on drugs" or how about that war on poverty?!?!? HMMMMM
~shakes head~

Jenny! said...

How dare you ask that of people who should already have people in their best interest.

David said...

They are too busy checking the bathroom graffiti to do anything we keep on sliding back as a country.

In_spired said...

Remember these words?

"I am ever the optimist."

I've been trying to be more optimistic concerning all the Iraq issues.

Optimism canbe contagious!!

In_spired said...

can be! not canbe!

Paul Champagne said...

tlrb ... I think the country ran itself pretty well with Congress on vacation. Either way, nothing gets done if they are in Washington or not.

debbie ... there are still too many candidates in the running to have an actual debate. Hopefully when we get down to 3 or 4, we might get something substantive out of the "debates".

lime ... fantasy is so much better than reality sometimes.

mike ... many people are under the assumption that common sense is an oxymoron ... in watching our politicians, I can see where they get that.

bambi ... you are absolutely right, everyone loses in a war. The trick is to lose less than the enemy. Elections have always been beauty pagents (this starts in high school and carrys all the way to the White House). The thing about a democracy is ... We get what we deserve. If we are not going to take the time to learn the issues and where each candidate stands ... how can we complain about what we get?

jenny ... I not only dare to "ask", I demand that they do their jobs.

david ... they are all too busy trying to get re-elected to do any work (that and the bathroom thing too).

inspired ... of course I remember those words ... I try to live them (sometimes it's hard). Not only is optimism contagious, enthusiasm is also contagious. Have you ever met someone who was extremely enthusiastic and upbeat? Usually when I have the privilidge of encountering one of these souls, when I walk away ... I feel so much better than I did before the encounter. The combination of the two can be more than contagious ... it can be exhilerating.

snowelf said...

"So Congress, do the country a favor and think of US first ... and it is a shame that I have to ask you to do something that should be the most important part of your job."

So.SO. True! I cannot believe what a mockery they are! We have SO many important issues going on and it just feels like NO ONE is getting anything done at all...


buffalodickdy said...

Over 1 year away to a big election year. What does that cost us all? Too much, and it's time to quit throwing money at candidates who lie, cheat, pander and in general-suck! We as a nation keep doing what doesn't work. We need fresh, new ideas that serve the American taxpayer- not take for granted those tax dollars come from nowhere!

Paul Champagne said...

snow ... the new Congress has been in power for 10 months now and the only thing they have done is increase minimum wage and had all kinds of hearings.

535 members of the House and Senate, receiving $186600.00 a year is over 99.8 million dollars in salary. Once we add in the benefits, plus salary and benefits for staff, travel expenses etc ... do you really think that our legislative branch has earned their pay?

buffalo ... We as a nation desperately need campaign finance reform. If the candidates didn't have tens of millions of dollars to spend, the campaigns wouldn't take forever and the message would be more hard-hitting.