Monday, September 10, 2007

We Don't Need This Bull

This was the advertisement that MoveOn.Org ran in the New York Times today. MoveOn.Org is funded by multi-billionaire George Soros.

I have a hard time stomaching an ad like this. This ad states that the General (a man that by all accounts is an honorable man, trying his best to make the most of a bad situation ... because his country asked him to) is "cooking the books" for the administration. This ad basically accuses the General of being a liar.

Besides the anger I automatically feel whenever a member of the US Military is attacked, it is compounded by the fact that this is a case of the pot calling the kettle black. In 2002 George Soros was convicted of insider trading in France. Unlike Martha Stewart he got no jail time. In 1992, George Soros is credited with breaking the Bank of England by selling short on about 10 billion English pound sterling. This caused Great Britain to have to de-value the pound (causing harm to both Great Britain and many ordinary British investors and retirees), this netted him about 1.1 billion dollars in profit.

I let a lot of stuff that MoveOn.Org spews go by. But when they start personally attacking the people that give us the freedom to say stupid things it is too much.

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Debbie said...

There's nothing like DEMANDING that General Petraeus come and report to you, and them smacking him down before he gets to speak, saying "I don't buy it."

What a bunch of bloviating disappointments.

Jenny! said...

Hi names kettle!

I hate that shit too! I am a supporter of free speech...but there are some people that are too stupid and ignorant to have that right!

Anonymous said...

Over the top

I do not pay attention to the LWW or RWW propaganda machines, but this one is way over the top. No reason to attack an honorable man serving in our military. Shame on them, and shame on those providing monetary support to them.

Have a fine TEXAS evening.


David said...

It really is horrible. Hopefully by this time no one takes the move on dot org idiots seriously!

WomanHonorThyself said...

thats too despicable for words!

In_spired said...

I sat all afternoon watching this hearing on CNN...becoming more frustrated and disappointed with actions and words from various sectors.(reports in NY Times and the disrespectful protests of the female gender!)

Don't you know we're the object of ridicule over the world?

Paul Champagne said...

debbie ... for a brief moment, when he first took over as commander of our forces in Iraq, the dems liked General Petraeus. After all, he said that current policy wasn't working. Now that it seems that we can actually accomplish our mission in Iraq, they denegrate him. The Democrats want us to lose for political purposes ... and that is dispicable.

jenny ... everyone has the right to say stupid things and make an ass of themselves. It is up to others to put them in their place when they do. Sen Joe Lieberman has already called them on this dumb ad. We need other Democrats to do the same. Not too many will since George Soros is a major contributer to their party.

tlrb ... way, way over the top. This is an organization that hates the US Military. The funny thing is that servicemembers are willing to give up their lives so that they can say whatever crack-brained things they want. Which group do you think is more worthy of our trust and respect?

david ... as I mosey around the blogoshere, I find lots of bloggers that have bought into MoveOn's spiel lock, stock and barrel. How do we get these folks to open their eyes and see the world as it really is?

woman ... it really is, but you are always going to have "haters". These people hate the military and hate the United States.

inspired ... I regret to say that hearings like the one we had yesterday just encourage the ridicule. I used to be able to point to our spirited public debates as a source of pride in our form of government. The spirited debate has turned into mean-spirited debate and the protesters should have been thrown in jail. You have to have a permit to legally protest in DC, and I doubt they had one.

Terri@SteelMagnolia said...

It is revolting.

Paul Champagne said...

terri ... you hit upon the word I was searching for "revolting"

Terry said...

The ad is shameful and despicable! Gen. Patraeus has only shown to be a noble man and these Left Wing Nuts are just being jerks.

Paul Champagne said...

terry ... they are not only being jerks, they are being evil.