Thursday, April 19, 2007


Finally, to the consternation of vote for the worst dot com and Howard Stern, Sanjiya Malakar was voted off American Idol last night. Unbelievably, this headlined the news this morning. So how does something as inconsequential as a TV show become this cultural juggernaut, and why do so many people want to see it fail? Well let's look at those who want to see it fall by the wayside ...

Vote for the worst dot com says it wants to see Idol fail because of the audition process. Contestants of moderate to above average skills do not get to see the judges, being replaced by ones who are really bad and could lead to higher ratings for the show.

Howard Stern is a shock jock that would just like to ruin other people's fun and joy. American Idol is a show that the whole family watches together. In fact it is probably the only night that my family enjoys a meal together ... something that is sadly lacking in many families today.

Other networks hate Idol because the higher the ratings Idol gets, the lower their shows get. In fact, the other networks have given up even competing with Idol, choosing to put re-runs up against it. I thought for a while that ABC's Dancing With The Stars would try to go up against the Goliath of Idol, but after a couple of weeks, they moved their results show to after Idol.

Now, what, you may ask, is a post about American Idol doing on what is for the most part a political blog? Well, this attempt at sabotage is merely a reflection of what is going on in Washington. Republicans try to sabotage any good things that the Democrats try to do (IE: increased minimum wage) and Democrats try to block Republicans in anything they do (war financing, oil exploration).

Unfortunately, unlike Sanjaya Malakar, the American public has no wish to vote the scoundrels in Congress out of office. When polled, Americans seem to like their Representatives but hate Congress as a whole. Seems they love their Congressmen for the pork and jobs that they bring to their districts ... and hate other Congressmen for doing the same thing. It is time for Americans to stop acting like selfish little children and vote for the people who will do what is best for all Americans. This will probably never happen ... but we can always hope.

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