Tuesday, April 10, 2007


O-kay ... For those of you who have chosen to totally tune out the world this week, Don Imus, radio and TV personality, has been suspended from the air for 2 weeks as punishment for his semi-racist comments about the Rutgers Women's Basketball Program.

His comments were in poor taste to say the least, and if they were uttered by any serious news reporter or politician would definitely be considered racist. But let's look at the source. Before Howard Stern, Imus was the first "Shock Jock". Is anyone really "shocked" that he would say something like this? Imus has made a living out of insulting just about every ethnic and religious group out there and will continue to do so ... I mean if you were being paid millions to make an ass out of yourself, wouldn't you continue to do so?

A consummate actor, Imus went on the Reverend Al Sharptons' radio show and apologized for an hour. I actually started believing him ... till I remembered who he was. Still, Al Sharpton wants Imus fired for his comments.

Reverend Al, c'mon now, the man screwed up, and he apologized. Isn't forgiveness a Christian Value that you espouse? He doesn't need to be fired, if enough people are turned off by his "free speech", it will be reflected in the ratings and he will be gone. Haven't people forgiven you about the Tawana Brawley Hoax that you helped perpetuate? Reverend, someone that you say you admire once said, "He who is without sin cast the first stone".

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Anonymous said...

Paul, good note. I like the look of your blog. Keep it up. Good luck to "The Blogway Boys."


Paul Champagne said...

Thanks cfs,
Looks like the Reverend Al got his way on this one ... too bad. Another hit against free speech ... is Rosie O'Donnell next?

Anonymous said...

Is Rosie O'Donnell next? Not now.
The Imus-Gate is now history [after the VA Tech shooting], so, Rosie and the rest are safe [for now].