Saturday, April 7, 2007


Well the Democrats have been in charge of both Houses of Congress for about three months now and let's review their accomplishments ...

Now that that's done, let's review what they haven't accomplished. Minimum wage legislation is stalled, a supplemental military funding bill is doomed to being vetoed because of an excess of pork and provisions that amount to a coup d'etat of the executive branch's power to conduct war, they have not rolled back subsidies to big oil (though they are trying to add subsidies to peanut and spinach farmers), in fact they have not done anything constructive in their first 100 days ... let alone their first 100 hours.

Nancy Pelosi seems to be more interested in playing Secretary of State instead of Speaker of the House, shuttling between Israel and Syria to deliver important messages that are a complete fabrication of her rather dull imagination.

Democrats, the American people put you in charge for the most part because they were tired of the politics as usual that they were getting from the GOP. So what do you do? You give them the same political bullshit that the Republicans did.

All the American people want is a government that works. That means both parties need to get about the business of the People and stop trying to score political points at every opportunity ... otherwise look out for more wholesale changes in 2008.

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Anonymous said...

One thing to remember, there is NOT A DIME of difference between the DEM and the GOP parties [both are in the busines of scoring points], and that is why cfs is 100 percent independent [registered voter with NO political party].


Paul Champagne said...

I hear you cfs, I'm a registered Independant myself and have never voted a straight party ticket.