Wednesday, April 18, 2007


Well, the Supreme Court upheld a law banning the procedure known as "Partial Birth Abortion". My question ... what took so long?

Whether you agree with abortion or not, this is a ghastly procedure that would be more at home in Hitler's concentration camps than in American hospitals and doctors offices. This procedure is used to abort late-term pregnancies (third tri-mester) and is usually done by inducing labor, then shoving a needle into the skull of the fetus as it crests. The needle is swished around the inside of the skull destroying the brain and the fetus is born dead, just a mass of medical waste. It is amazing that the pro-choice movement would fight so hard to keep this as an available procedure for women. Though I would never consider abortion as an option for myself, I do believe that that is a choice that people need to make for themselves. That choice should include counseling about options, information and all the available choices. It should not include this barbaric option.

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