Wednesday, April 25, 2007


I've let this go for the last couple of days ... but it just seems to be stewing in the pit of my stomach ... so here goes:

Just who the h-ll does Harry Reid think he is, declaring the war in Iraq lost? If we lost ... just who won? Was it Al Quada, the Sunni insurgents, the Shiite insurgents, the Baathists or some other group? Newsflash Harry ... it isn't over till it's over, and telling our brave men and women that are bleeding and dieing over there that they have already lost is not in the best interests of the United States. The phrase, "aide and comfort to the enemy" keeps coming to mind. Senator Reid, you are a disgrace to the office that you hold and should resign immediately ... but we know that you would never do anything that honorable.

Congressional legislation, that the President will veto, would set a time table for the withdrawal of American troops from Iraq. When was the last time we gave our enemies a schedule when we would retreat from the battle field? This is insane!

The problem seems to be that the Democrats have put too much time and invested too much credibility into making the war, "Bush's folly". Anything other than embarrassing defeat in Iraq would make the Democrats look bad, so that is what quite a few of them are striving for ... our defeat. I don't know of any time in history (including the Viet Nam era), when politics have played such an evil role in a war. There are of course exceptions (Joe Liebermann comes immediately to mind, though there are more), in the Democratic party that absolutely want to win the War On Terror. Unfortunately they are being smothered by the Reid/Pelosi wing of the party. These patriots need to cross party lines on votes regarding the security of this nation ... they can go back to the Democrats on social issues, and maybe they will generate enough good will to have their Republican colleagues vote for some of the things on their agenda ... and maybe Washington can get something done ... who am I kidding?

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Mike M said...

Washington used to get things done. Now we have a Democratic congress and a Republican everything else and now the dems are doing what they do best. Throwing a wrench into the machine and standing back and blaming the Republicans. The Demos want to apologize for everything, act like the war didn't happen, denouncing their support for it, stop the money flow to support the young men and women overseas fighting it and blame Bush for the fallout.
Dems had a chance to redeem themselves, but they continued to makes fools out of themselves and the American public.
Now a bunch of soccer moms and dads are making the laws in this country.
Lets hope 2008 brings another change.

Paul Champagne said...

Mike, everything you say is true ... however, let's be fair. When President Clinton was in office, the Republican Congress fought him tooth and nail. The one thing that can be said about the Republicans is that when it came to National Security ... they backed the President.

Marissa said...

i am with you. totally.
also, i wanted to wholeheartedly thank you for your comment. i will heed your advice.

Paul Champagne said...

Marissa ... I hope my advice helps.

Anonymous said...

Isn't it interesting that the Democrats waited for the 4th anniversary of Bush's declaration of the end of combat operations in Iraq to send their "surrender" bill to the Whitehouse. Seems that political games trump our troops every time.

Anonymous said...

I'm hopelessly inept at discussing politics, but I have very uncomfortable feelings about how things are right now. It seems (and I could be wrong) that in the past we have been, for the most part, unified during war - standing behind our troops, showing a patriotism that just seems so LACKING right now.

I have several friends that have sons and daughters and husbands overseas right now, fighting for freedom, doing what they are called by our government to do. It breaks my heart to hear anyone saying that "we've lost" - especially our government - who sent them over there to begin with. So many have died, or been maimed, and/or been changed forever by this war - how can we tell them it was all for nothing? Why can't the dems and reps at least, for the sake of our troops and their families, stand behind them and not make such demoralizing statements?

Paul Champagne said...

donna ... What could be worse than for a person to have sacrificed themselves in this war ... and then we just pack up and go home? That would be a waste.