Tuesday, April 17, 2007


Often, we just look at the bad things in life and never search for the silver lining. In the Virginia Tech massacre, finding any kind of positive is almost impossible.

That one positive is 75 yr old Liviu Librescu. Professor Librescu, an Israeli immigrant and Holocaust survivor, held the door to his classroom closed while the gunman fired bullets through the door. When the shooter forced his way into the classroom, the professor jumped in the way, putting himself between the gunman and his students. Professor Librescu's actions allowed most of his students to escape out of the classroom windows. Because of this one man, young lives were spared and fewer parents will have to endure the nightmare of burying their children.

In my opinion, it is no coincidence that this hero is part of what has been called, "the greatest generation". I hope that the members of Generations X and Y have taken note. I fear it is too late for us Boomers to understand what sacrifice for the greater good is all about.

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Anonymous said...

Good article. Professor Librescu survived in hell over 60 years ago and now he is in heaven [twice a hero]. cfs

Paul Champagne said...

There is something just plain wrong when a guy survives Hitler ... but not the US Collegiate scene. RIP

Marissa said...

yes yes yes...i could not agree more. this story makes me so sad...for someone to endure such a horrific experience only to have his life senselessly taken away by some horrible schmuck. i'm so fired up thinking about it. it angers me to no end.

Paul Champagne said...

Marissa ... it is completely unbelievable that this could happen.