Monday, May 28, 2007

Memorial Day

As I was reading the local newspaper yesterday morning, I came accross an article about the funeral service of an indigent Korean War Vet. The Vet got a full military funeral and burial. Though he had no family or friends in the area, the service was attended by members of local veterans service groups.

This made me feel pretty good, that although this veteran could have easily slipped through the cracks, someone was looking out for him. Seems there is an organisation out there that goes by the name of Dignity Memorial. This is an association of funeral homes that makes sure that veterans are provided with at least a simple casket and cremation/burial services. The money for this comes out of the funeral homes' pocket.

Being a sucker for this kind of corporate charity, I immediately informed the wife that I want my funeral arrangements to be handled by the funeral home mentioned in the article. My wife, being the good-hearted woman that she is, told me she wanted this also.

For a listing of funeral homes in your area that participate in this program, you can go to:

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Mike M said...

Did you get your rest in this weekend? You have been posting pretty regular this weekend. I plan to comment on it all but the wife is working me like an ox. I suppose she thought that a 3-day weekend was a good time to put the ox to work.

I hope you have a great Memorial Day. The new work week start tomorrow :(

Paul Champagne said...

My wife took pity on me on Sunday. Just had to take her shopping, make a Bar-B-Que and then go to our niece's graduation. New work week started this morning for me, hope your wife gives you a break today ... even oxen need some down time.

Akelamalu said...

What a wonderful thing for the funeral home to do. I can understand why you would wish them to attend you when the time comes.

Paul Champagne said...

akelamalu ... like I said, I'm a sucker for that kind of thing. If you check, I think they probably have the same type of program in Great Britain.

If you take care of our troops, the message should be that the public will take care of you.

Shelli said...

That is awesome. I didn't know that such a thing existed. Thanks for telling me.

Mike M said...

Most often times the military does take care of it's service people, however due to some oversight, law or just plain forgetfulness, the military lets one go. It's nice to know that this funeral home picks up when the military drops off.
It places like this that should be highlighted more often on the front page

Paul Champagne said...

shelly ... you're welcome, I didn't know this program existed either, and I am ashamed to say I really hadn't thought about it either.

mike ... it is comforting to know that individuals and businesses will pick up the slack when the government drops the ball.

Mike M said...

Go check out my latest post. (I also replied to your comment on the Thoughts For the Week.

My latest post is about the weekend.

Jenny! said...

That is a really great thing that they are doing! Thanks for the info!

jel said...

hey Paul,
thanks for stopping by!

evalinn said...

Paul, I can´t say much about memorial day, since we don´t even have one.

But I can say I like your blog, u´ll fit right into my mix of linked bloggs, so I´ll add u to the list!

Paul Champagne said...

mike ... glad your weekend went well

jenny ... isn't it amazing what some people are doing (without bragging about it)? Kind of restores your faith in the human race.

jel ... you're welcome, I enjoy your blog.

evalinn ... I'm honored, thank you.