Thursday, May 24, 2007

Too Scary For The Newspapers?

As I was perusing the USA Today the other day, I ran across a downright scary poll result. Seems that 26% of Muslim men between the ages of 18 and 29 that are living in the United States see nothing wrong with Islamic extremists using suicide bombs. Forget the fact that if we extrapolate that number out, we end up with 118,000 young Muslims that feel that way ... the poll went on to say that after the age of 29, the percentage drops down to 9%. The 9% is a more frightening number to me because I chock up that 26% to the foolishness of youth ... the 9% is a much more "hard-core" number and much more likely to act on their beliefs (they are also more likely to have the means to procure the explosives than their younger counter-parts).

This article was on page 6 or so ... my question is why wasn't it on the front page? We are fighting a "War On Terror" after all, is this not worthy of a front page story in a National newspaper? So I switched to a couple of other papers that are more local in nature. The New York Post had this on the front page (good for them), but it was buried in the Washington Post. In fact in the Washington Post the headline was "Most Muslims in the US disagree with suicide bombings". Talk about putting a PC spin on the news.

This poll scares me ... and it should scare all innocent, law-abiding citizens, both in the US and around the world. We need to get a handle on Radical Islam before it handles us. These newspapers with agendas are not helping things ... they only try to scare us when it suits their agenda.

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tkkerouac said...

thanks for the visit. drop by anytime.

Akelamalu said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog and commenting.

Our papers are the same. They do all print the same saying though - not all Muslims are Terrorists but most all Terrorists are Muslims.

Mike M said...

Paul, good post. However I need to comment.
This article was pushed to the back because it's significants is very little. They asked if they believed it was acceptable for others to do it.
What the didn't ask was would they do it if asked to.

Of course it is acceptable to do it because the question came right out of the Koran. And the Koran teaches to protect by killing the infidels.
The pollers asked a general question to get a specific response. The papers who realized that put the analysis in the backs of their paper.

26% of them are not radical Muslims. 26% of them believe the Koran to say that killing is ok to protect themselves and their beliefs.

Now, the ones who are killing themselves everyday in the Middle East are radicals. These are the one's we should fear.

We have the same problem with Christianity. Go back though history and see what they have done to protect their beliefs.

It's a problem in all religions.

God is worth fighting for and dieing for. The interpretation of that is the problem.

Let's not only blame the Muslim extremists. Let's blame the misinterpretation of the teaching of religion as a reason we should ALL take a good look at what we are fighting for.

Paul Champagne said...

tkkerouac ... thanks, I will

akelamalu ... except for the ones in the IRA, Red Brigade, FALN, and KKK, etc you are right. Thing is, all of these US and European terror groups are declining in membership and relevance ... the Muslim terrorists seem to be sprouting up everywhere.

mike m ... I believe the wording was "to protect Islam, is it acceptable to ...." There was no differentiation between who would do the bombing.

You say that they think it is acceptable because the Koran tells them it is. The major problem with the Muslim religion in general is that it has not evolved from the time of the Koran, Bible and Torah. All of these Holy Books are pretty bloody and brutal ... Islam is the only religion that has remained true to the letter of their Book. It is way past time for Islam to move into the 21st century ... or at least move out of the 16th century.

Catch said...

Muslims out.....get them on a plane......and send them home. All of them.

Mike M said...

"It is way past time for Islam to move into the 21st century ... or at least move out of the 16th century".

While I agree with this 100% the claim is that they are the only religion that has stayed true to form. Many historians claim that religions change with the times, thus proving that religion is nothing more than a belief for that generation at that time. While I disagree with this, I understand the point.

Trust me, my friend, I am not defending radical Islam. There are nut cases in every religion and Islam takes the cake in generating hatred for anyone who has other beliefs. And I am not justifying their methods either. It takes a sick and twisted mind to blow yourself up for a cause. But do we blame Christians for what Timothy McVeigh did in Oklahoma? Do we blame Christians for the hate taught by the KKK or the nut jobs? They will certainly tell you they are doing God's work according to the bible.

What I am saying is that every religion has methods interpreted from their Bible that justifies violence or other methods of hatred.

As for Catch's comment, that is the hatred I am talking about.

We as a global society need to weed out that hatred and remove it from the earth. Making it a total religious thing and trying to remove it all together is doing what Hitler tried to do. And that cannot be tolerated.

Paul Champagne said...

Catch ... what do we do with the Muslims that are from the US?

mike m ... we are both saying basically the same thing, yet coming to different conclusions. The worst kind of hate comes from religion (ie: the Westboro Baptist Church of Topeka Kansas), the thing is that 99% of Christians and Jews will condemn the idiots in their midst ... 26% of Muslims here in the US agree with their lunatic fringe ... can you imagine what the percentage is in other countries?

Mike M said...


Ask the right group of Christians, Jews, or whomever and you will get the same response.

As long as we succeed as a country, there will be people who hate us.
Let jack gas prices up and level the playing field. :0)

You're working too hard this weekend Paul. It's a holiday weekend. Find some down time and relax a bit.

Paul Champagne said...

mike ... I'll try to take your advice ... maybe the wife's honey-do list will allow for a nap :D