Thursday, May 17, 2007


Several things struck me as I watched the GOP debate on Tuesday night.

1) Who was the idiot that scheduled them during the American Idol semi-final round? Was the object to get as little ratings as possible?

2) Is Ronald Reagan running again? I swore I heard his name mentioned at least a dozen times. Why is everyone trying to be Reagan and not trying to be themselves? Who was Reagan trying to be?

3) What is Ron Paul even doing there? Was he being paid by Rudy Giuliani to throw that softball comment so Rudy could hit it out of the park (and he did hit it out of the park)?

4) When are the second and third tier candidates going to quit so we can ask more questions of the candidates that really matter?

5) Do all of the candidates (except John McCain) really believe that torture is a good thing?

If anyone has an answer to any or all of these questions ... please let me know.

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Anonymous said...

Ronald Reagan was an actor who could act like a president. Sadly, America went DOWN HILL after he left office.

No, The Great Communicator is NOT running again, but everyone [at least in the GOP] is trying to emulate him.

As far as the field of candidates, imho the following will be "The GOP Survivors" [they will be standing after the first set of primaries]: Gov Romney, and Gov Huckabee

On the DEM side of the house, I see Gov Richardson and John Edwards making the finals.

So, here are THE FINAL FOUR:
Romney, Huckabee, Richardson, and Edwards.

The man with the best resume is Richardson.

The following top-tier candidates are NON-ELECTABLE: Rudy, Hillary, McCain, and Obama.

You read it here first.

cfs est nomen ejus

Paul Champagne said...

The problem is that the candidates that would do the best in the general election have the hardest time in the primarys where they must pander to their extreme base.

Let's review Bill Richardson ... 8 term Congressman from New Mexicos 3rd Congressional District, Secretary of Energy the US Ambassador to the United Nations under Clinton and now Governor of New Mexico. As Governor he has done a more than adequate job of improving education and now New Mexico is actually poised to become the nations' "Space Capital" with many companies moving to the new "space port" in Alamagordo (this space port is actually un-used desert waste-land that has now been paved over). This was a vision worthy of PT Barnum and it looks like it's actually going to happen as Virgin Galactic is already starting to build it's office there. The space port also got a lot of publicity recently when parts of the cremated remains of Star Treks' James Doohan (Scotty) were blasted into space along with a couple hundred others.

So if in two years I am calling Bill Richardson, Mr President, I will remember I heard it first from the lowest rated blog.

Anonymous said...

Paul, again, the candidate with the best resume is Richardson, but the man is Hispanic. The question at hand is this one, is America ready to vote for a WOMAN, a MORMON, an AFRICAN AMERICAN, or a HISPANIC for president?


Paul Champagne said...

I think 70% of the country is ready to vote for the Best Person. The other 30% are the problem. Evenly split between the Dems and GOP, they have bent both parties to their wills and the independant majority (that just wants government to work), don't get to vote for the best choices.