Saturday, May 26, 2007

President Al Sadr?

Radical Shiite Cleric, Muqtada al-Sadr is back in Iraq after a 4 month hiatus in Iran and is sounding like a politician.

Of course his speech was vehemently anti-American, but peppered into the speech was a criticism of the Iraqi governments' inability to provide basic services to the populace and a call for his followers to stop fighting with Iraqi security forces. Amazingly, he reached out to Sunni Muslims, calling them brothers and wanting to cooperate with them on all levels. He also appealed to Iraqi nationalistic pride. I think during his 14 weeks in Iran he just may have been studying American politicians that can reinvent themselves every so often, depending on the office they are running for and the political climate (not that Hillary Clinton and Mitt Romney were intentionally trying to help al-Sadr).

Later that evening, al-Sadrs' Mahdi Army later laid siege to an Iraqi Police Station in the southern city of Basra. Either his fighters hadn't gotten the message yet about not engaging Iraqi security forces, or al-Sadr really learned his lessons well on American politics (talk a good game ... then do whatever you want).

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Jenny! said...

Is you blog named after The Beltway Boys??? Just curious! Its always a good idea to just lie to everyone to appease teh masses, then do some stupid shit!

Rice said...

So true , do what it takes to get in, then screw them.

snowelf said...

Isn't that the truth!!!


Paul Champagne said...

jenny ... yes, I stole the name from the Beltway Boys. It is one of my favorite political shows since it shows both sides, and the hosts aren't always yelling at each other. The show actually has an intelligent political discourse where the hosts put their ideas out there and let the viewers decide. This is the kind of forum that I want for my Blog.

jenny, rice, snow ... do I sense a feeling that the government doesn't care about the citizens from all of you? If so, what do you plan to do about it?

Jenny! said...

That is a great show! I haven't watched in a while as I am on a no TV strike! I plan to do nothing because I am a lazy pussy! No, I really don't know what to do!

Paul Champagne said...

Jenny ... a no TV strike? I would die. Look what is happening in Venezuela since they closed that one TV station! You're a better person than me.