Wednesday, May 30, 2007

The Television Revolution

Funny thing happened to Hugo Chavez on his way to becoming the next Fidel Castro ... He screwed up by messing with the his peoples' television viewing.

Now in its' fourth day of massive protests in Caracas, the capital of Venezuela, the police have been firing rubber bullets and tear gas into crowds of thousands of students and business people. The protests started after Radio Caracas Television (an anti Chavez station) was yanked off the air and replaced with a pro-government station. Chavez refused to re-new RC TV's license, because of their anti-government views.

  • Chavez has nationalized foreign companies ... no protests.
  • Chavez has dissolved the legislature ... no protests
  • Chavez has shut down a popular TV station ... massive protests

Let this be a lesson to all wannabe dictators out there, religion is no longer the opiate of the masses ... television is.

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Rice said...

Are you sure these people were not from America?

Akelamalu said...

It's definitely a drug!

Paul Champagne said...

rice ... from South America ... can you imagine if in the middle of American Idol, the government pulled FOX off the air? Blood would flow.

akelamalu ... one of the most addictive known to man.

jel said...

with 4 channles not much to watch,
i watch DVDs

now if ya took my pc away that would be a sad day! :(

Jenny! said...

Obviously if they would have televised the disolution of the legislature, there would have been protests!

Paul Champagne said...

jel ... I'll be sure to let you keep your PC when I become Supreme Ruler of the World.

jenny ... it was televised ... by the same TV station that they just shut down.

Shelli said...

My God! Can you imagine what would happen if Bush took away our TV?

Paul Champagne said...

shelli ... it wouldn't be good ... can you imagine all the people having even more time to question his policies? Sends shivers up my spine.

Logophile said...

Much more effective to just dictate what they broadcast.
Interesting what finally pushes people into action, eh?

I personally grew up without television, my huband and I didn't start watching TV till about 1995, after that we went to Europe for three years and at the moment we've decided there is not enough available on television to make it worth the money.
We are the exception though, I am aware.

Paul Champagne said...

logophile ... does that mean that you actually have to talk with your husband to pass the time?

What a refreshing concept.

Logophile said...

Paul, Paul, you poor deluded soul,
of COURSE not! We BLOG!!

Mike M said...

TV is my only escape for my crazy ways. I can't do much damage from the couch.

Actually, TV is a medium that once you have a taste, not much else is as good. You can chance an entire country's way of governing and people won't say much, but if you take away their TV they will feel their rights have been violated and a nasty fight will ensue.

I'm not much of a TV person, although I have a soft spot for Lost and 24. But I do know that TV is a powerful medium that allows people to escape the world around them for 30 minutes to an hour at a time (2 hours if it is the American Idol finale).

mcBlogger said...

It's surprising how addicted the masses are to television. I yanked my cable and got bunny ears on the tv. Did it stop me from watching? NOPE...just started watching different shows with a wee bit of snow. It's worse than caffeine...ack!

snowelf said...

I absolutely LOVED the opening line of your post. That's so quotable!

I only watch two shows, (Lost, and Grey's Anatomy) but I watch them religiously. The rest I'll watch TV if it's on, but I can take it or leave it. I do enjoy TV, but I could live without it if I HAD to. I definitely like having the choice though!

I'd be one crabby girl if you took my internet connection though. ;)


Paul Champagne said...

logophile ... so glad to hear that you have an alternative to spousal conversation ... phew!

mike ... Couch Potatos Of The World Unite

mcblogger ... I once tried to main-line my TV by sticking the cable directly into my arm ... it didn't work ... though I did hear they are doing some interesting experiments in Switzerland concerning installing a cable jack directly into the brain.

snowelf ... besides American Idol, my next two shows are "House" and "Boston Legal". These are my two can't miss shows, but I definitely watch way too much TV.

evalinn said...

And the sad thing is, it´s not even surprising.

Anonymous said...

Paul, good note on "Radio Caracas Tele-Vision" ... Chavez is slowly making progress on his plans. Note that Chavez' mentor is Fidel Castro Ruz [aka Fidel, aka El Comandante Castro, aka Padre De La Patria]. We will see in TWENTY FIVE years how Venezuela looks like under "El Comandante Chavez'" watch.


Mike M said...

What????? No new post from Paul???????

Well, I am shocked

Paul Champagne said...

evalinn ... why would it surprize anyone? Depress yes ... surprize no.

tlrb ... welcome back from vacation, hope you've recharged your batteries ... while you were gone, both the GOP and DEMs have left you plenty of fodder for your satire.

mike ... sorry for being derelict in my blogging duties, but last day of the month at a car dealership leaves little time for anything but work.

lime said...

heh, i've been saying that for years...

Rice said...

I was being sarcastic. I absolutely agree that if this happened during American Idol there would be an uprising of angry Americans.
It is a shame they are not more angry about all of our soldiers dying in a war that should never have occurred.

Paul Champagne said...

rice ... I love sarcasm, and I was returning it (with love).

lime ... and you have been right for years ... smart lady :)