Friday, May 4, 2007


I proudly support our 2nd Amendment right to bear arms ... but sometimes the NRA (National Rifle Association) can be as dense as the most maniacal pro-choice advocate.

Frank Lautenberg (D-NJ) introduced a bill last week to ban the sale of guns to terrorism suspects. The NRA immediately went on the attack because they said the bill would "allow arbitrary denial of Second Amendment rights based on mere 'suspicions' of a terrorist threat".

The NRA needs to wake up and realize that there IS a continuous threat to the people of this nation, and this is not an attempt to undermine the second amendment. Common sense should tell them that you don't allow a suspected terrorist to purchase guns ... this used to be a group that, while strongly supporting the second amendment, could be reasonable. In the last 10 years or so, they have gotten more and more off the path of reason.

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Mike M said...

What makes this worse is the NRA fought to preserve the right to sell to anyone, including people who are NOT American citizens. As long as you have an identification card, you can get a gun. This is very dangerous, as we have seen with VT.
I support the right to bare arms, but to extend that right to non citizens is just asking for trouble.

I agree with you on this.

Paul Champagne said...

It seems the NRA thinks that there could be a domino effect with gun control laws ... that once we start eroding the 2nd ammendment, that the rest of it will crumble and fall ... but c'mon ... we have to use some common sense.