Friday, June 15, 2007

All Quiet In Gaza ... For Now

After 6 days of fighting, things are quieting down on the Gaza strip. This is probably because there are very few members of Fatah left to kill. Hamas is now in complete control. Meanwhile, Fatah now controls the West Bank and since these two are separated by Israel, there should be relative peace ... or at least what passes for peace in that region. Here are the results:

Gaza, under Hamas control will continue to be under US, EU and UN sanctions and the 1.5 million citizens will continue to suffer. The West Bank, now that Fatah is completely in control will have its' sanctions lifted (Fatah recognizes Israel's right to exist and has signed a peace agreement with that nation). The citizens of the West Bank will begin to thrive.

What should be done, as long as Fatah behaves, is that the world should pour economic, business, agricultural and cultural aid to that region. When the folks in Gaza see how much better it is in the West Bank ... they might rise up and get rid of Hamas. That is what should happen ... what will happen is any one's guess.

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Sarah said...

Here is what I do not understand. It is not like people just suddently like other people over night. Fatah has not been a "friend" to Israel in a long time and I have to believe that they have been educationg an entire population of people as to why they should not like Israel.

It seems like it will take a lot of work to change the hearts of people, I agree that pouring business and support in that region is a great way to start. nd for that matter a great way to spread democracy

Anonymous said...

Paul, Sarah, et al

Good afternoon, from America's Finest City. In ref to changing hearts, it takes a LOT OF MONEY to change the hearts of people in that area of the planet. We learned that lesson in Jihadistan and we are SLOWLY learning that lesson in Iraq. We will see peace after we BUY the hearts and minds of our enemies [sad but true]. Your tax money at work. Viva La Democracia !!! tlrb

MyUtopia said...

It is all really sad.

Paul Champagne said...

sarah ... like I said, economic help like business developemental funds is how we should handle it (give a person a fish and he'll eat for a day ... teach a person to fish and he'll eat for a lifetime). Once you give someone a sense of what they can accomplish by their own hard work, it will ecourage them to do even more.

That being said, Syria will be funneling hard cash and weapons to their Hamas puppets. The 1.5 million residents of Gaza will get their sack of flour and food coupons ... and they will survive in misery day to day.

Which is the better example?

tlrb ... yeah, it's expensive, but if done the right way ... it can be a temporary thing. If welfare in the United States was handled the right way, we wouldn't see an entire economy based of food stamps and the race to have more kids that we do in some neighborhoods.

myutopia ... yes, it is heartbreakingly sad. Especially the children in Gaza. They will never no anything other than hate ... and when they grow up, they will be just more fodder for the nut jobs over there.

Paul Champagne said...


The US and EU have announced that they will suspend sanctions on the West Bank as soon as Fatah forms a government that doesn't include Fatah.

Tapline said...

Gaza is cut off at this point. that is why they want to have Abbas continue as president. The US has lifed their embargo to the new government of Abbas minus Hamas. The Gaza wants some of that money. Too late turn to Egypt. Although I don't think you are too well liked by President Muberik (sp). Well, tell Iran your hungry,but I don't know how they can get to you???? Well, tell Syria, Oh they can't get to you either???tough you made your bed... It's my understanding the world community is backing the West Bank..Good news...

Paul Champagne said...

tapline ... there are Egyptian extremists that will probably smuggle arms and weapons into Gaza or Hamastan as it is being called. There are tunnels under the Egyptian border ... Egypt is trying to root all these out, you're right there is no love lost between Pres Mubarik and Hamas.

Paul Champagne said...


It was announced this morning that all economic sanctions have been lifted by the US and EU on the Palestinian government of the West Bank ... I love it when I'm right