Saturday, June 9, 2007

The New Warsaw Pact

El Presidente Hugo Chavez is at it again. He has called for the creation of a common defense pact among the countries of Venezuela, Cuba, Nicaragua and Bolivia. This Bolivarian Alternative for the Americas (ALBA) started as a socialist trade group, but Chavez wants it to become a Military Group to act as a counter to the United States. Since all four governments hate the USA, he should be able to do it. But how effective will this Pact be? The only country with the financial wherewithal to build a strong military is Venezuela. And though the governments hate the USA, the people (except for maybe Nicaragua ... and they have a good reason) don't. When Chavez, Castro and Morales are finally kicked out of power, the Pact will collapse. Not much to worry about ... or am I wrong?

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snowelf said...

I think this is one to watch. Chavez reminds me of someone who is attempting to have Hilter's appeal to the masses...yet at least the masses aren't brainwashed yet. (probably shouldn't have messed with their tv's! ;) )

But I agree with you, I do think the pact will collapse if it does ever get up and running in the first place.


Paul Champagne said...

snowelf ... right now it is interesting to watch (like a trainwreck is interesting) I will let everyone know if it ever goes from just interesting to dangerous.

Shibari said...

Wow! I love your blog. Very informative and extrememly well written .. Thanks for visiting me on mine!

Paul Champagne said...

shibari ... thank you, the pleasure was all mine.

Tapline said...

Hi Paul,
I hven't read anything on this new move yet. I wouldn't be surprised if it happened, however I'm with you..Wait...and see.... I wonder how much foreign aid we give the other countries. would be interesting to know. Not like the middle east, but I'm sure SAM is in there with his buying power

Mike M said...

I'm betting my money on "Not much to worry about"

And the only reason I say that is it's a desperation move on his part. Bush has made it very clear he is willing to sacrifice whatever to get the result he wants and that scares people. Scared people do scary things.

Terry said...

While I don't think ALBA is planning to attack the US, it is hard to say they shouldn't have a mutual defense when the US arms other countries from Honduras to Columbia in the region.

If the US would stop telling other countries how to live their lives I think you would see evolution toward more centrist governments. As long as they can point at a common enemy they can stay in power.

If 40 years ago the US had started giving free Levis to people in Cuba instead of a continued trade embargo, do you think Castro would still be in power?

MyUtopia said...

Thanks for the update.

lime said...

about bolivia....yes, they have had drastic turnover in leaders during their history. the thing about morales though is the way he rallies the masses of peasants. he was swept into power as this nations first leader of indigenous heritage and he has made some really drastic changes and has strong marxist tendencies. he has created a great many more problems than he has solved and has opened the doors wide to chavez and castro. i know my friends who live there are concerned deeply and are not entitely sure they will be able to get rid of him.

Blancodeviosa said...

hmmm? in today's ever changing climate of political affairs, i don't dare make an assumption. but really i feel it's not a big threat. only if they enlisted a super power would i start to get nervous. China? yeah i might pee a little

Mike M said...

Shocking!!! Monday morning and there is no new post from Paul.

Paul Champagne said...

tapline ... Our generous Uncle Sam is all over South America. Especially Columbia, Brazil and Chili.

mike ... who was scarier, Bush or Reagan? Sometimes scary is a good thing.

terry ... thanks for stopping by. We have been messing with Latin America since at least the 30's ... don't expect it to end soon. In some cases it works out well, like in Grenada and in others like Nicaragua ... we just screwed up. I am however in favor of the embargo on Cuba ... Castro Must Go

myutopia ... You're welcome ... read any good books lately? :)

lime ... The question that begs to be answered about Bolivia is: Are the poor indigenous people any better since Morales came into power? The answer is yes. The people who are hurting are the middle and upper classes. Evo's power base is still intack. The problem I can see brewing is that when the most productive members of society are penalized for producing, they tend not to produce as much. This sounds a lot like Reagans "trickle down economics", but come to think of it, that theory seems to work.

blanco ... China is pretty busy in Asia and Africa right now ... I don't see them extending themselves to South America ... but if they did, you wouldn't be the only one with wet pants.