Saturday, June 2, 2007

Another G-8 Summit ... Another Protest

The G-8 Summit is being held in Rostock, Germany this year. The G-8, or Group of Eight is a meeting of the 8 World Economic Powers. The nations included in this summit are the United States, Canada, Russia, France, Germany, Great Britain, Japan and Italy. During the Summit they will be discussing solutions to Global Warming, Aids, African poverty and World Economics.

Every Summit, we see thousands of protesters. They come from a number of groups and include anarchists, communists, environmentalists and others. These protesters show up at every G-8 summit and cause lots of damage to the host countries, as well as extreme costs. Germany has 18,000 police officers currently in the city for security purposes and the Summit doesn't even start till next week.

The very problems these protesters are marching for are the problems being discussed ... so why are they even protesting? Well the anarchists don't care, they just want to cause chaos, but the others should be applauding the attempt to help solve the worlds' problems, not protesting.

Finally, why do the host countries even let these people in? I'm sure their names must be on a "watch list". Whenever I travel to a different country, they always ask, "and what is the purpose of your visit?" ... Do these people actually say, "to protest and riot", and then are allowed in? Seems like a poor way to run border security to me.

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Rodrigo said...

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Paul Champagne said...

Rodrigo ... sorry my Portugese is beyond terrible. You are either cussing me out or trying to hawk T-shirts ... wish I knew which one.

Anonymous said...

Paul, Don Rodrigo is just selling personalized tee-shirts [he offers a step-by-step procedure for personalizing the tee-shirts]. Thanks, but I pass. But in ref to the G-8 summit, it is all snafu. tlrb

evalinn said...

Since they´re all just out for a fight, can´t they at least do it unpredictibaly (is that even a word..?)?

Paul Champagne said...

tlrb ... the situation unfortunately is normal.

evalinn ... you would think that anarchists would try to be unpredictable, but it seems that they are the most predictable of the bunch.