Saturday, June 2, 2007

Another Terrorist Plot Foiled

Once again, a terrorist plot has been thwarted in the planning stage. Seems a small group of Islamic extremists with ties to Guyana and Trinidad wanted to blow up JFK airport in Queens (a borough of NYC). The plan was to blow up the Buck-Eye pipeline that takes jet fuel from a storage facility in Linden, NJ to the airport. This pipeline also runs under heavily populated sections of Queens. The resulting explosion would have taken out the airport and some of those neighborhoods. The mastermind of the plot, 63 year old Russell Defreitas, a US citizen and native of Guyana wanted to destroy the airport which was named after John F Kennedy. "It's like you can kill the man twice", Defreitas said.

I suspect that this plot may have been foiled by listening in on the conversations of US Citizens, when suspected terrorists call-in ... why would anyone be so dead set against this policy?

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MONA said...

I wonder what such acts prove, except dementia of course.

Life is so precious, & to lose it in sucha way is a shame!

Anonymous said...

Yes, another JOB WELL DONE by our spy agencies. Big brother is watching and listening [and that is a good thing]. tlrb

Mike M said...

Another great post Paul.

Congrads on the nod. I went the the Blogger Choice Awards site and voted for you (then I nominated myself as the best political blog). Just kidding.

However I did vote for you on the site. It took awhile to find you. Seems that all these wannabes think they are as good as you.

Did you know I invented the Internet?

Akelamalu said...

Good job someone's keeping an eye open!

Mike M said...

I tagged you buddy. Come over to for the details.

Paul Champagne said...

mona ... these acts prove that there is evil in the world. It is up to good people to make sure that evil does not succeed.

tlrb ... though I will stand and fight for our civil rights, I have to admit it is somewhat comforting to know that Big Brother is watching (and listening).

Thanks for your vote, my blog is even hard for me to find ... it started out on page 42, it was on page 10 this morning. I had in fact heard that you had invented the internet ... I think Al Gore told me.

akelamalu ... nowadays, everyone has to be keeping both eyes open. The citizenry is actually our first line of defense.

Jenny! said...

What kind of drugs are people on that make them so fricking crazy!

Paul Champagne said...

jenny ... the drug is called hatred, and it is dispensed at certain mosques around the world. Problem is that this kind of thing inspires even more hatred and it becomes a viscous cycle.

Odat said...

Well, being smack dab right in the middle of all this crap, including the fact that I worked at the WTC on 9/11 but was on vacation that day, I think it's great that they caught this plot before it had a chance to actually happen.

That being said, I'm not too sure that I want my every conversation listened to nor my picture taken everywhere I go either.


lime said...

I am saddened to see my beloved trinidad linked with this sort of thing, however, it is not beyond imagination. even though an attempted coup by muslim extremists in 1990 was handily squashed and the group responsible had no outside ties to speak of I can easily see it being a strategic spot for other extremists because there is already a rampant and fairly unchecked business of running illegal guns and drugs through the island from the south american mainland. the current government is very weak in its response to that problem.

snowelf said...

This is the stuff that really frightens me about our country. And this is just ONE thing we actually heard about.
Just imagine what we don't hear about.


snowelf said...

p.s. MikeM invented the internet. ;)

Paul Champagne said...

odat ... glad you were on vacation, sorry if you lost some friends. I had a couple of friends that were able to get out and thankfully I lost no body I knew. No body wants the government listening to every conversation, but if a suspected terrorist is calling me (even if it's a wrong number) I would hope that someone is listening. Where do we draw the line? That is the sticky part in all this.

lime ... your beloved Trinidad has a history of smuggling and gun running because (correct me if I'm wrong) the island was settled by pirates. They didn't want a strong government.

snowelf ... I think we are hearing at least 90% of the news about foiled terrorist plots. This gives the current administration something to point to as a success.

PS: I know mike invented the internet ... al gore told me so.