Monday, June 11, 2007

Rockstar Bush

After enduring thousands of protesters at his other European stops, it must have seemed almost heavenly for President Bush as he got a hero's welcome in Albania. Crowds in the thousands turned out to greet the President as he visited this small nation for the first time. The streets were lined with Albanian and American flags and besides a few communists, good karma reigned. The Albanian people love the US for several reasons:

1) We are supporting them in their quest to gain membership to NATO
2) We also support their membership in the EU
3) We support Independence for Kosovo (predominantly Albanian)

It's kind of weird that the majority of Albanians are Muslims.

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Sarah said...

Its always important to support a country equivalent to a yes man when you mant more support with NATO, well played USA.

Paul Champagne said...

sarah ... it just so happened that what was in the USA's best interests was also what Albania wanted. It also doesn't hurt that President Bush was the first World Leader to ever visit this fledgling democracy.

Tapline said...

Good post,,,About time some of those nations started supporting us (for a change). Look at he foreign aid most of these countries get Palestine,,,Egypt,,,Isreal,,,and the beat goes on....

evalinn said...

That´s what u get when the real world isn´t just black and white.

MyUtopia said...

Very insightful post, as always.

Paul Champagne said...

tapline ... we can make a lot of headway in the former Soviet Bloc. Most of these countries are poor and a little cash will go a long way. An expanded peace corps would be able to help teach these people how to better manage their farm/grazing lands and a few engineers could make their lives measurably better. This would be money wisely spent to make a loyal ally.

evalinn ... but isn't the world prettier in various shades of gray?

myutopia ... thanks, it takes an insightful person to recognize true genius ... was that too conceited?

Mike M said...

The press has a way of showing us that we have support in one country and not another.

We have similar support in Iraq but the media does not show it because that would go against the fundamental principle of the liberal press.

We are not fighting Iraqis. We are fighting insurgence fro the region.

About the Paris Hilton post. Sure they let people out all the time in LA county because of over crowding. But she was sin a isolated cell.
Hardly over crowding to me.

The sheriff said he let her out on medical reasons (crying, fasting), NOT overcrowding.

The judge reviewed this "medical reason" and found it to be unfounded. Sounds very fair to me, money or not.

How is that seeking fame?

Paul Champagne said...

mike ... everyone realizes that the press has its' own agenda ... that's why we have the blogosphere. Maybe it was overcrowding at the jail ... by releasing Paris, it opened up 2 beds.

Jenny! said...

Kind of like when Nixon visited China???

snowelf said...

You know, I didn't know the majority of Albanians were Muslims. Thanks again, Paul! :)


Paul Champagne said...

jenny ... such a clever girl. Nixon's reception was set up by the Chinese government and not spotaneous at all.

snow ... Yes, it was the result of the Ottoman Empire invading most of Southern Europe.

Jenny! said...

So, you are telling me that Bush's trip was completely spontaneous???

I can't tell sometimes if you are being sarcastic or if you think I am a of the same brain power as Paris.

Paul Champagne said...

jenny ... Paris doesn't know how to use a computer ... you win hands down.

though I am sarcastic 95% of the time, I do actually believe this outpouring was spontaneous. It's not just George Bush, the Albanians loved Clinton, Bush Sr., and Reagan. The President is reaping all of this love because he is the first US President to show up in the country.