Monday, June 18, 2007

I'ts Payback Time

After railing against Republicans paying back Big Business for their donations (and rightly so), the Democrats are now doing the same thing with Big Labor.

The "Employee Free Choice Act" is now being debated in the Senate (S.1041) after being passed in the House (HR-800). What this act does is require votes for forming a union to be public affairs. This means the old practice of having a secret ballot can no longer be used. This puts undo pressure on workers to vote for the union or be ostracized by their peers. In some instances it could be used as a basis for retaliation for voting against joining a union.

I thought America voted for change in the last election. Seems like the same old thing ... just a different bunch of political hacks in charge.

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lime said...

thank you for illustrating why i am neither a republican nor a democrat. both parties are corrupt and neither actually cares about representing the american people. it's all about power and influence, not about service.

Akelamalu said...

No comment, just wanted to say hello and let you know I'm still reading. :)

MyUtopia said...

Sounds interesting, thanks for the update!

I'm_Inspired said...

Freedom to bargain for a better life (through Unions) sounds good in theory. Many years ago NEA tried to force legislation forming a teachers union. TSTA rebelled and quickly disassociated themselves from the National Organization. In reality, the 'little person' loses all voice.
This probably has nothing to do with your post but it brought back some memories of times past.

Mike M said...

My opinions on unions won't fit in the comments section.
My opinions on what has changed in Washington will.....


Jenny! said...

Same old shit...everyone declares ot be on one side or the other, but they are all really just alternating each other in the same ways....does that make sense? Although I do declare myself on one side, I am not 100%...that's just the side that best matches my views, but not completely represents me.

Anonymous said...

Approval rating for the Do-Nothing-DEM Congress is LOWER than that of our FAILED president. That ole senator from the good state of Arizona [Barry Goldwater] was correct when he said that "There is not a dime of difference between the Republicans and the Democrats."


pink ginger 珂琳 said...

very interesting and deep topics about politic and social affair.
I enjoy reading it. :)
Thanks for dropping by my blog.

snowelf said...

I think in the beginning, some get into politics with good intentions.
And then, the overwhelming power and influence of conformity or ELSE gets in the way. And anyone who resists... gets voted out.
It's a shame. I feel very much like Lime. I can't pick a side... I have to vote for the canidate that I feel is looking out for what kind of world I would like, but not the one I feel we are going to get.

I'm curious...does anyone feel 8 years in office is too long or too short to bring about real change?


Paul Champagne said...

lime ... I just wish everyone else would wake up and realize these same truths ... We all need to vote for the man (or woman) and not the party. If we weaken the parties, maybe they will loosen the strangle hold they have on our Representatives ... Or do we need to conduct a third Continental Congress to scrap and re-design the way things work in DC.

akelamalu ... Hi, and I'm still reading yours.

myutopia ... you're welcome

i'm inspired ... there was a time when unions were necessary ... that time is past. If people want to unionize, I'm all for it ... but don't force people to join.

mike ... very witty, you spoke volumes in just two sentances.

jenny ... all politicians are exactly the same ... they just have different masters. We are supposed to be their masters!

tlrb ... Even worse is the approval rating of Sen Harry Reid ... his mom gave him the highest grade, but daddy abstained from voting.

pink ginger ... thank you for your compliments (my head is beginning to swell) ... I enjoy your blog too.

snow ... we always have to vote for the person that best represents us. I actually think most politicians go to DC with the best of intentions ... it's just what they say "absolute power corrupts, absolutely". I think we should extend all terms of elected office to 8 years and a politician can only serve one term. Without having to worry about re-election, maybe they can actually go about doing the people's work.

snowelf said...

I couldn't agree more!! Or maybe a whole term of six years... I think too much time is wasted on prepping and prodding and padding of campaigning which takes time away from real decisions. I think that would be a huge source of stress off of someone who is supposed to be leading us, not worrying about every sentence being held against them in 4 more years...


Paul Champagne said...

snow ... don't forget, Congressmen are only elected for 2 years. They are constantly campaigning (no woinder they never get anything done).