Saturday, June 16, 2007

Justice Delivered

Durham District Attorney Mike Nifong has been stripped of his license to practice law. Next step could be a civil proceeding by the young men who were accused.

We should hear by next Wednesday on the $54 million dollar pants lawsuit ... will we be 2 for 2 in June? ... I hope so.

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krystyna said...

Hi Paul!
Thanks for your kind visit. I really appreciate it. I enjoyed your last post and comments, but sorry, I'm too young as an American(I'm from Poland)to say something adequate.
And as King Solomon said: even a foolish person is wise if he keeps silent (17:28)
So I try to keep silent and only listen to and try understand.
Have a wonderful Sunday!

Terri@SteelMagnolia said...

Right on!!

Thank goodness... those poor boys.
I couldn't stop crying when Reade was testifying yesterday.
I feel sorry for them and for their families.

snowelf said...

I am very upset as I am sure many people are that this woman just went out and made it harder for women to seem credible toward men in rape a lot of them do not have a hard enough time already dealing with the reality and the shame, and the horror of what happened to them!

I do think she should be punished for falsely accusing these guys. That's just not right. This guy never should have taken her case.

Here's something else...we learned the other day that there was a survey given to college guys for a sociology experiment. It asked that if there were no laws against rape, or any punishment of any kind, they would rape a woman without a second thought...
do you know how many answered they would?


That's just scary.


David said...

Paul, that is awesome news! I am so glad they took his license!

And, um , Snowelf, be careful with surveys, they can be manipulated-just like Mike NiFong manipulated this case. I agree that this case will make it more difficult for women to come forward and report rapes. However, that survey you heard didn't talk to me or any of my friends. Just don't ask me about my students and how they would answer such a survey; I work in a prison-they already failed the test!

pink ginger 珂琳 said...

Paul, interesting outlook and topic, I do enjoy reading it even though am not belong to the American society.
Have a nice weekend.

Princess Banter said...

$54 million eh? Could defo use that kinda money for at least 54 million things ;)

I'm_Inspired said...

Duke LaCrosse players wrongly accused? Evidence has proved so... but maybe these guys should think twice about who they invite to their parties.

I like krystyna's comment:
And as King Solomon said: even a foolish person is wise if he keeps silent (17:28)

I think that's what I'll do!!

MONA said...

rape is a henious crime. In India it always goes unpunished, mainly because the judicail proceedings are so slow. It takes about seven years for the cout to arrive at a case & start the proceedings. By that time the woman may alraedy have settled and had children & wouldnt want to appear for the proceedings at all!The witnesses too turn hostile by that time. So no one cares to report a rape at all.& why rape alone, even murders & the rest go unreported.
Besides there is so much corruption! you will have to pay the olice through your nose to get a case filed in the first place!

Ashley said...

I was also "excited" about this lastest episode in the saga. I truly feel awful for the families as they have had to go through so much for no reason. It was also amazing that all of these misdeeds were apparent all along the way and justice still took so long to be served. I wonder what would happen to poor people in a similar situation? Oh, that's right, they would be convicted anyway.

Mike M said...

Very cool!!!!

Hope your weekend was good. Mine sucked. No internet access!

Paul Champagne said...

krystyna ... as a fresh new American, you should know that all Americans are opinionated, some have opinions about things they don't understand ... I'm glad you aren't one of them. Welcome to the US.

terry ... Reade's testimony was heart breaking, especially when he described his father's reaction and then told about wondering how he was going to tell his mother. I had to leave for work in the middle of the testimony ... thank God for satelite radio, I could hear the rest without missing anything.

snow ... I still can't believe that the girl hasn't been prosecuted ... too bad they can't charge her for the harm she has caused to future rape victims. 90%??? that is very scary ... I can't believe that statistic. Unless this generation is totally f*cked up ... what are their parents teaching them.

david ... I hear that they may be able to file criminal charges on Nifong. Seems his immunity doesn't extend to lieing about DNA evidence.

pink ginger ... you may not belong to American Society ... but you belong to the Blogosphere and your comments are always welcome.

princess banter ... only 54 million things? ;-)

inspired ... they were college kids, hiring strippers is not out of the norm (he who is without sin and all that), but I don't think any of these guys will ever hire a stripper to go to any other party. Almost feel sorry for the guy who has one of them as his best man ... boring bachelor parties await.

mona ... the biggest misconception that people have about rape is that it is a crime of passion. It is not, it's a crime of domination and control. It is about taking something precious from some one. I am so sorry to hear that this goes unpunished in India.

ashley ... you are right, if these defendants were poor, they would already be in jail ... then again, if they were poor, it would not have been in Nifong's political interest to prosecute them, so the case probably wouldn't have gone this far.

mike ... a weekend without internet access? ... however did you survive?

Mike M said...

I didn't survive. This is the ghost of Mike.

In the underworld we have Internet access.....and it works.

Paul Champagne said...

mike ... did your dead self invent underworld internet access too?